Life Sucks, So We Figured We’d Talk About It

By Persephone

Hello, it’s nice to meet you all.

This is a lie.  We are only starting this blog because Trump getting elected finally drove us to it.  Who are “we,” you ask?  We are a group made up of several educated, informed, and extremely opinionated women who are tired of every privileged asshole telling us that we should be grateful for our lot in life even as they crow about all the rough times they’ve faced.

Since we all have day jobs, we will be signing off using our favorite goddess names.  Clearly, mine is Persephone, but there are others.  Anonymity seemed the wise choice, as several of us are teachers and/or are other figures of authority.  We’d like to voice our opinions without losing our paychecks, thank you very much.

We will be posting however often we feel is necessary whenever the desire to vent strikes us.  Most likely, this is will be a daily thing.  Such is the world we live in.

If you have suggestions or constructive comments, feel free to share.  Otherwise, shut up.  We’re the only ones who get to bitch mindlessly here.

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