Thanks for Proving Every Minority Right

By Persephone

Well, I hadn’t believed it possible.  Seriously, I was shell-shocked last night, and it’s only in the latter hours of the following morning that I’ve managed to gather any of my thoughts into anything resembling coherence.  I felt a vague sort of uneasiness yesterday morning–as well as all the previous mornings of the last sixteen months, but I hadn’t really believed that this could happen.  We, the American people, a land of immigrants and free rights and an overly informed demographic, have elected President Cheeto.

Trump has spent more than a year preaching hate and anger towards minorities.  Hispanics are all murderers and rapists.  Women are nothing but brainless ornaments to be discarded when they rate less than a 7 on the attractiveness scale.  Believers of Islam shouldn’t even be allowed into the United States, not even the women and children.  Who cares if a mother only wants her child to survive to adulthood?  Apparently, a sense of family only applies to white folks.  If the people of the Middle East feel such similar sentiment, it’s somehow labeled as terrorism.

Before last night, it hadn’t occurred to me on a real level that Trump had an actual shot–not even when the head of the FBI made such a vague claim about reopening the investigation into Hillary’s emails a mere eight days before the election.  Who cares about the niceties of using a personal server when a man spewing random hate and violence-inducing threats was the only other option?

The rest of the world has often pegged us as ignorant and prejudiced, but I had honestly believed that Americans would prove them wrong.  We would rise above such racism and misogyny to vote for the obvious choice.  We would show minorities that, little by little, such racism is fading away from our culture.  White people would look at Trump and say, “He will never be my president.  We are a better society than the one he represents.”  Yet, here we are.

We have failed.  We are about to enter into four years with a loose cannon in charge of our freedoms all because he has a penis.  If Hillary had one, this would have been a different morning for all of us.  The rest of the world was right about us.  We will always prefer the privileged, underqualified white guy to the studious, hardworking woman.  You can’t look at the black demographic or the Hispanic population and tell them that racism no longer exists now.  You can no longer look at women and claim that we’re already equal to men in society’s eyes.  We as a nation have proven that racism and hate and prejudice will always win over hope for a better future.

After all, it’s the white guys who look at the past and remember good times.  It was everyone else who would have liked to move on.  Looks like that’s not going to happen any time soon.

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