What’s Wrong With You Women?

By Persephone


Do you realize that 42% of female voters picked Donald Trump–President Cheeto, himself?  Nearly half of the female populace saw this man brag about assaulting women while objectifying every other woman in his life (particularly his oldest daughter, who he clearly lusts after) and voted for him anyway.

So, ladies…I’d like to ask you a question here.  What the hell is wrong with you?  Do you realize that, thanks to your choosing a misogynistic carrot as president, our daughters, our nieces, and our granddaughters will be forced to listen to him during their formative years?  You morons.  How could you do this to them?

So, I tried to figure out how Trump was the “better” alternative to Hillary Clinton.  I failed miserably at this, but blaming society as a whole seemed to do the trick.  Over the years, our country has bred this idea that women have the children and stay at home while their husbands go out and work.  I don’t believe this familial dynamic really works out so precisely, but it’s a pretty instilled idealization of the American family.  The men work, and the women are mothers.   That’s our purpose.

For those women who become educated and gain any sort of power in business or politics, she must toe an incredibly fine line.  She cannot get angry or passionate or be anything less than brilliantly prepared for whatever comes her way.  A woman can do everything and then some to prove her worth in such environments, but she’ll still get condescended to.  I don’t know if it’s because people genuinely think men are stronger and smarter.  Perhaps they simply find professionally competent women intimidating and wish to bring her down a peg.  I don’t know, but it’s a nasty habit that has carried on throughout history.  Clearly.  As we’ve witnessed in the last twenty-four hours, even the worst of men is apparently preferable to the very best example of womanhood.  Shame on us.

I don’t apply this logic to how men treat women, either.  Women bring other women down just as well.  One of my best friends, who I love very dearly, lamented loudly upon how Hillary dressed.  It wasn’t flattering to her figure.

Who gives a flying fuck how Hillary dressed?  Her clothes were clean and professional.  Beyond that, why should anyone care?  Donald dressed in rumpled suits and donned a freaking possum on his head, but Hillary didn’t dress in a flattering way.  Women can be just cruel, and sometimes we focus on the wrong details.

After avoiding it all day, I finally watched Hillary’s concession speech this evening.  My sobs, as it turned out, proved unable to drown out her words.  They were that powerful.  For all the darkness we are sure to face, she preached hope and solidarity.  She wants us to work with Trump and hope for the best.  Her speech demonstrated passion, love, and a quiet pride that would have done well in the White House.  What kills me is, had the situation been reversed, President Cheeto would never have conceded.  Certainly not with such grace, anyway.  His obsession with winning, as he’s proven time and time again, outweighs the good of this country.

Towards the end her speech, Hillary reminded all the little girls out there to remember that they are worthwhile.  Such a reminder should have been unnecessary.  Yet, as 42% of the American women believe, girls aren’t worthwhile.  Only white privileged men are.


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