How to Show Your Support

By Persephone

Since President Cheeto’s election win, it shouldn’t be surprising that our country has suffered an escalation in hate crimes.  Racist, homophobic, and anti-Islamic graffiti has been quite rampant, and there have even been numerous accounts of outright assault.  After listening to so many of Trump’s hate-filled speeches and disgust towards anyone not straight, white, and Christian (not that he could quote the Bible to save his life), his followers took his win as permission to act however they wish.  What a shock.

In the wake of such intolerant actions, though, the rest of us are scrambling for some way to show minorities that we support them–that we are all allies.  Vox, the Independent, Good Magazine, BuzzFeed, and other media sites are suggesting a method taken straight from Britain.  Similar hate crimes occurred in the U.K. after Brexit, which was itself taken by native Brits as an act of intolerance towards minorities and members of other nations.  Allison, an American woman living in Britain at the time, suggested that everyone wear a safety pin to demonstrate solidarity with the oppressed minorities.

This is an awesome idea, and I for one will be wearing a safety pin on my blouse every day from this day forward.  With our world so broken and so very divided, a simple safety pin might be just what we need.  We as a nation should not stand for intolerance, no matter our personal beliefs.  No one should feel that they are less of a citizen because of their nationality, the color of their skin, their religion, or their sexual orientation.  We are all equal, dammit.

So, I urge you to get out there and grab yourself a safety pin!  Spread the word about this message.  We are equal, and no one should get hurt because of hateful (not to mention thoughtless) rhetoric.  Collateral damage is unacceptable.  This is a time for us to reach out to one another.  In times of strife, unity is key.

Photo by Elephant Journal

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