You “Won,” Trump Supporters. Stop Being So Smug.


By Persephone

I currently live in a very rural area, where almost everyone I know supported President Cheeto.  I’ve been avoiding them like the plague, because every single freaking one of my neighbors (or so it seems) have been bragging about Trump’s win like it somehow proves how they were right about him.  They think it means that he had the better policies, the more worthwhile agenda, and of course that he wasn’t actually a racist.  It can be hard to take after a while–especially since all this election proved was how popular racist thoughts are.  Seriously.  Stop acting like all your small-minded ideals were justified because nearly half the country could stomach this asshole more than an intimidatingly capable woman.

So, I’ve decided to spend a few days in a city several hours away from my area, in a place where I know no one.  I figured being among the a better informed environment and around others who were sad about this election, might bring me some peace of mind.  It turns out Trump supporters live everywhere.  And they’re loud.

At lunch today, I hit a Mexican restaurant.  Three old people sitting at the table behind me talked for over forty minutes about their relief that Hillary wouldn’t be the new president, as she was “a liar, a thief, and a murderer.”  Fuck you.  I mean this sincerely–fuck you.  You cannot support Trump, who (according to PolitoFact) only tells the whole truth 4% of the time, while calling Hillary out as a liar.  They continued to speak of their relief of her defeat and Trump’s victory, outwardly hoping that all the democrats would move to Canada.  “Then, he would definitely get reelected,” one of them said.

Admittedly, moving to Canada might be an appealing prospect, but I’ll always be an American first.  I believe that this country can be great again.  A good start would be when Trump’s policies cut those three elderly individuals’ social security benefits and Medicare plans.  His actions are going to screw all of us, the white folks included.  Only the extreme wealthy people that he likes (this doesn’t include Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, who Trump has a vendetta against) will receive any of the tax cuts and benefits Trump has been boasting about for the last year and a half.

This conversation detailing thoughts of indicting Hillary and the marvelousness that is Trump was carried out in full voice around the very Hispanic staff of this restaurant, by the way.  Talk about balls.  I have no idea how anyone could brag about voting for a racist narcissist around the minorities he’s decided are dispensible.

So…seriously, Trump Supporters.  Shut the hell up.  We get it.  You won.  And now we’ve all lost.

Photo by; meme by Persephone

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