I Wonder if President Cheeto Was Even More Surprised Than the Rest of Us…

By Persephone

For we who watched the election closely over the last couple of months, few of us believed that Trump had a chance at the presidency.  It’s true.  My sister was freaked out, but I felt relatively secure in our nation’s future.  Trump might have been able to gain the majority in the GOP (although that was still disturbing a happenstance), but the country as a whole would never elect such an obviously inexperienced asshole.  The polls agreed with me, and I had just longed for the stupid election to finally END already.

Then, the election did end, and a result few predicted occurred.  Now that several days have passed, I have to wonder about something.  Did Trump not believe he could win, either?  Hear me out on this one.

Trump spent the months leading to the election bombarding Hillary with accusations (primarily groundless) and outright threats towards her and her allies.  Throughout the election’s final days, Trump tirelessly poured out speech after speech aimed directly to gaining votes from the white poorer classes.  Trump succeeded at winning the election with these ploys, so he obviously understood his audience more succinctly than better prepared, more competent politicians.

Or did he?  Having watched Trump like a pissed-off hawk since he because the president-elect, I’ve noticed a few things.  For one thing, he’s only now scrambling together a transition team.  Just check out these articles from the New York Times or this one from the Seattle Times.  He finally chucked Chris Christie (who’s seriously suffered more at Trump’s hands than arguably any politician) in favor of his vice president, and Trump is just now figuring out who to put on his cabinet.  President Cheeto’s so desperate that he’s talking about putting his kids into cabinet positions, neglecting to understand that we have anti-nepotism laws in place from the 1960s.  He can’t place any family member into a position of power.  Trump also seems to think that he can leave his kids in charge of the Trump company.  I really wish that someone would sit him down and explain that that’s not what it means to place a company into a “blind trust.”  If his kids are left in charge of the company, it would be a conflict of interest to the sitting president.  Sigh.  He really should have researched all this earlier.  Or at all.

In addition to Trump’s lack of a cohesive team this late in the game, he’s already starting to renege on some of his campaign promises.  He’d promised to scrap Obamacare and replace it with something better.  Instead, he’s frantically waffling and claiming he’d alter it instead (in a similar manner to how Hillary had planned, sadly).  Clearly, Trump possessed quite the game plan going into all this.  His people are even starting to describe Trump’s continual campaign promise to “Build a wall!” between the U.S. and Mexico as a figurative message–a figurative message his followers shouldn’t have taken so literally.  Trump also seems uninterested in sicking a lawsuit on Hillary over her emails, despite his repeated rants that he’d lock her up.  Seriously.  It’s like he’d just been blowing smoke up everyone’s asses for sixteen months.  Imagine that.

Oh, and have I mentioned the lawsuits?  Trump has dozens of lawsuits filed against him, and a major one involving Trump University is set to start trial on November 28th.  His lawyers are falling over themselves to get it either dismissed or postponed (as if an acting president would have more time on his hands for a civil lawsuit than a president-elect).  Oy.

All these last-minute decisions on top of Trump’s uncharacteristically quiet response to such a huge win has led me to one conclusion.  He didn’t actually think he’d ever be president!  The more I see him freaking out and trying to throw people used to politics like human shields in front of the press, the more I think Trump hadn’t actually wanted to be president.  Who really does?  It’s a thankless job.  Until your terms have been up for a good decade at the very least, which is about the time people start to feel all nostalgic about you, everyone hates your guts.  Throughout your presidency as well as the immediate years following, the economy, the unemployment rate, and social issues are blamed entire on you.  That just sucks.

If this is true, why did Trump even run?  Aside from the fact that Trump loves to talk about himself to people who love to listen to him, Trump wanted to make life hell for Obama and all who were associated with him.  We’ve all heard how Obama mocked Trump after President Cheeto had brought up the stupid birth certificate to all the major media outlets, and Trump vowed revenge.  Vengeance is quite the hobby of his.  I think he campaigned so hard the last couple of days because he wanted the race to at least be a close one.  Trump ranted about a “rigged system” and urged his followers to watch the polls for double-voting and made such a fuss for a very simple reason.  His wish was to make Hillary’s term as president as miserable as possible.  Instead, he succeeded too well, and he’s been taken completely off-guard.

Well, President Cheeto, guess what?  You’re getting just what you want.  Our country gets to spend the next four years with a president whose every action shall be scrutinized by resentful assholes who wish you weren’t our Commander-in-Chief.  And I’m one of them.

Payback’s a bitch.

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