Before I Forget…


By Persephone

By the way, I’d like to send a quick message to all you “Bernie Bros” out there.  Screw you.  I’ve met a number of you out there over the past several months; I’m even related to a few of you.  Your candidate Bernie Sanders didn’t receive the Democratic nomination, so you decided that you just didn’t like this election anymore.  News flash: no one enjoyed this election.  It was long, it was mean, and it collectively broke our belief in human decency.  For some reason, most of you seemed to blame Hillary for how this election turned out.  You protested and argued for months.  In the end, many of you Bernie Bros threw your votes away on a third party candidate, didn’t vote at all, or voted for Donald Trump as the “less evil” option.

You’re all twits, and I hope you got what you wanted out of all this.  The rest of us sure didn’t.

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