Don’t Make Trump’s Interview on 60 Minutes a Drinking Game

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By Persephone

I’m not kidding about this title.  Do not make this interview a drinking game.  If you decided to take a shot every time President Cheeto said something vague as an answer, you would have gotten plastered within minutes.

Yeah, it was that bad.

Aside from admitting that all the democrats he’d demonized and threatened over the past several years (such as Obama, Hillary, and Bill Clinton) had treated him with heroic decency, Trump really didn’t say a whole lot definitively.  On healthcare, he waffled, claiming that it would be replaced by something similar but different with no lull in between.  Sure, because the President-elect really sounds like he has his act together, so we’d buy this.  He also says he hates lobbyists and wants to get rid of them, yet he’s hiring them by the dozen to be part of his staff.

The Middle East–that’s “a bad situation” that he has no idea how to handle, so he immediately claimed he couldn’t “divulge” his plans.  What a cop out.  Before the election, Trump also promised to hire a special prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton, and he threatened to press charges against FBI director James Comey.  When Lesley Stahl asked about both these threats, President Cheeto stammered and did everything he could to avoid giving a straight answer.  He also claimed a fence rather than a wall might be more practical, or a blending of the two.  His kids even joined in on this vague-a-thon, complimenting their father on the number of speeches he presented daily during the campaign.

This is so frustrating!  I realized pretty early on in the interview that he can’t talk about policy because he doesn’t have any!  He’s surrounding himself with lobbyists and businessmen while avoiding the career politicians who actually know how government works.  We have elected the emotional equivalent of a two-year-old as our Commander-in-Chief.  He throws hissy fits whenever someone calls him names (and Trump refused to promise to be more careful of what he puts on twitter, by the way), and he in no way does his homework.  We are facing a president who has no idea what it means to be a public servant.  Argh.

President Cheeto even acted amazed that hate crimes have been conducted throughout the country in his name.  How could anyone miss that?  Nazi, white power, homophobic, and racist epithets have sprung throughout the country all week, and he acted like this was the first time he’d heard of it.  He also couldn’t comprehend how his rhetoric to deport Hispanics, further disenfranchise African Americans, promote white pride, and bar members of Islam from entering this country could have encouraged such hateful acts.  Could there by anyone so clueless?  He really seemed surprised that anyone would hold him accountable on this.  Grrrr.

Oh, and there was a recurring phrase throughout the interview that really stuck in my craw.  He continually said that he “won [the election] easily.”  I’m sorry, but that’s a huge fuck-you to Hillary, who’s been nothing but freaking graceful in her concession to him for the presidency.  Donald Trump, I’d also like to remind you that you did not win easily.  When you lose the popular vote but skate through in the swing states via electoral vote, that is not an easy win.  Nor is it a fair win.  So lay off.

Photo by US Magazine

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