Well, We’ve Survived So Far

By Persephone

Eight days in after such a disappointing election, and some of us can actually keep our breakfasts down.  Sometimes.  Once.  Okay, we can’t even do that yet.  This whole thing sucks.

Trump sure has been inspiring, hasn’t he?  Now that someone’s finally sat him down and told him just what a president’s job entails, he’s made some truly piss-poor decisions that were clearly last-minute.  For instance, he’s surrounded himself with white supremacists and anti-Semites so obviously that even Ben Carson ran for the hills.  Twice now, President Cheeto has ditched the press to go out on his own (though it seems kind of early for such shenanigans).  Just how do you ditch the press when you travel with eight limos everywhere, exactly?  I’m beginning to suspect that President Cheeto isn’t operating on all four cylinders.  His daughter Ivanka even used her outfit choice on 60 Minutes to sell jewelry for her clothing line.  Ah, the conflicts of interest for this billionaire president already prove a prevalent problem.  Seriously.  This whole thing sucks.

It doesn’t help that Hillary today made her first speech since conceding.  She was amazing, wasn’t she?  After all of Trump’s vague answers, outright lies, and scrambles to fill offices with unqualified individuals, Hillary is a breath of fresh air.  She preached unity once again, but she urged her followers to not stop being progressives.  We can get along with conservatives as long as we never lose sight of what is right and what is important.  We just still need to live together.  This is true.  I will continue to do my best to live among the conservatives in my rural community without totally losing it, but I am already more openly progressive than I ever was before.  Losing the opportunity to have this lady as president broke something in me, and I cannot let something like this happen ever again without speaking up.  Even so, this whole thing sucks.

If nothing else, after a week I’ve finally accepted the fact that Trump is our next president.  For a while there, I remained in understandable denial about it.  I do hope he is a good president.  I just have zero faith that he will be.  So, I plan to help my community, my state, and my country to the best of my ability in the meantime.  Oh, and I’m subscribing to every newspaper that I can afford.  They need our support right now.  Remember: there’s a reason that Trump hates the media.  Misinformation is what got him elected.  Valid points and facts irritate the shit out of him for a reason.  God, he sucks.

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