Because We All Need a Happy Place

By Persephone

In today’s rant, I was planning to drone on about President Cheeto’s recent addition of Betsy DeVos for secretary of education, but I just didn’t have the heart tonight.  Seriously, President Cheeto really is made of teflon.  He surrounds himself with white supremacists, anti-Semites, incompetent businessmen, lobbyists, and now a woman obsessed with privatizing education–all the while, Trump is attempting deals with foreign governments to boost his sales.  He isn’t even trying to hide such conflicts of interest anymore.  Why would he?  The “lying” media that he’s always harping on about continue to report the truth about him, but no one does anything about him anyway.  So–let’s move on to a happy place!

Image result for funny cat pictures

Picture from

Hillary Clinton once admitted to the press that she liked to calm down by looking at pictures of cats.  I can see the appeal.  Just look at them!  It’s hard to hold onto your anger when you see a tabby faceplant into a quilt.

Image result for funny cat pictures

After all, the world can’t be all bad as long as cats can feel so secure in their own homes, right?

Image result for funny cat pictures\

Picture from Pinterest.

Our economy might tank, our environment might deteriorate, destroying the lives of future generations, our media might end up controlled by the government like some theoretical dystopian society’s, and our education system might switch to voucher systems with zero national regulation, but hey.  This cat is on a towel rack.

Image result for funny cat pictures

Whatever might be in store for us over the living nightmare that is our next four years, only one thing’s for certain.  We’re going to need more cat pictures.

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