What’s the Big Deal About a Recount?

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By Persephone

I’d heard about Jill Stein calling for a recount in the three closest swing states (Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan) last week, but I honestly placed zero thought on the whole issue.  She’d raised $6 million, which was supposedly a significant sum, but so much money had already been thrown away on this election that it seemed like nothing.  I figured that, if nothing else, the money might help raise awareness about voting reform–which wasn’t exactly a bad idea. I mean, it might have been nice if the third party candidates (such as Stein) had cared this much about votes counting towards Hillary before the election.  They absorbed votes that would have granted Hillary an easy victory.  But whatever.

Even when Hillary Clinton’s campaign backed Stein’s recent obsession with ballot recounts, I sort of shrugged the whole thing off.  Even if they discovered a miscount, I doubted it would be significant enough to change the outcome.  Even if it did, Hillary has already conceded.  It’s unlikely that she would take the presidency at this point; Trump would make her life a living hell.

So, it was kind of eh news considering all the scandals that seem to be springing up hourly as we wait for President-Elect Cheeto to take over the nation.

Then, Trump made it news.  He went on a rampage via twitter (his favorite medium for unnecessary ranting), targeting Hillary and Stein for opposing the election results.  Despite the fact that they aren’t opposing the results, merely questioning them, Trump has been royally freaking out about the recount.  He even claimed that he won the popular vote, too, if you discounted all the illegal immigrants.  Because, as everyone knows, it’s so easy for illegal immigrants to register to vote.  Oy.  Kellyanne Conway is also adding onto the action, referring to Democrats as crybabies.

All this offensive and overly defensive remarks have got me to thinking…what’s going on here?  I hadn’t considered Jill Stein’s ideas of ballot tampering and hacking legitimate before, but now I’m wondering about just what it is that Trump knows.

All I’m say is…suspicious.  Very suspicious.  Unless we find Trump criminally involved in active ballot tampering, nothing’s going to change, but I still find myself curious about just what Stein’s investigation might bring about.  Aren’t you?

Picture from Jackson County Democratic Party


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