Winter Blows

By Persephone

I live in a very cold area of this country.  Last week, a bunch of snow got dumped onto our laps, then during the last couple of days, the temperature drifted down into the single digits every night.  So, we’ve got lots of ice and snow on top of frigid, unbearable temperatures.

Brrr.  I hate the snow.  I’m also not a big fan of the cold.  I’m sorry, but if the air is so freaking cold that the inside of your nose freezes with every sniff, that’s just too much for me to handle.

More than anything, though, I hate working when it’s this bloody freezing.  This is weather that should convince anyone to curl under a comforter and read a book or simply sleep all day.  While I’ve never entertained such a luxury, it’s still the dream, isn’t it?  Instead, business goes on as unusual.  I still have to drag myself up early in the morning, do a little schoolwork, guzzle coffee like an addict receiving her latest shipment of crack, then get the kids up.  Then, I’m off to work in the bitter cold.  This just sucks.

Yet, everyone tells me that we’ll be receiving subzero temperatures within the next day or two.  Winter blows.

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