Too Much…It’s Just Too Much

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By Persephone

I haven’t written a politically-geared rant in well over two weeks now.  Considering the fact that this website was founded on President Cheeto’s election to power, this might appear a strange happenstance.  However, there’s a simple reason for why I haven’t been able to bring myself to talk about politics.  There’s just too many scandals.

I’m serious.  I read the news religiously: my favorites are the Washington Post, BBC News, and the New York Times.  Unlike the Facebook shit, if any of these periodicals post incorrect information, they’ll at least retract it later.  I find such professionalism quite comforting in my journalists.  Unlike Trump, I see the benefit in keeping our nation informed.  I’m so tired of that asshole telling his supporters to boo the reporters.  We need those reporters.  For good or ill, they tell us the facts.  They are, in fact, responsible for doing so.  Let’s not throw them away.  My only complaint with real journalists is that they are far too obsessed with ratings from modern (a.k.a. in possession of short attention spans) audiences.  There’s a reason Trump received so much media attention during the election.  He was a real viewer boost.  Unfortunately, so much free coverage helped cement his receiving the presidency.  Dammit.

However, the news is awash in all the reasons why we should be worried.  Trump is making business deals left and right with other countries, using his upcoming political seat as a power play.  He’s already tried this with China, Taiwan, Scotland, and Argentina.  I’m sure he’s tried with other countries–these are just the ones that I know of.  It’s weird for a president to continue owning his businesses, considering the conflict of interest this imposes, but President Cheeto has done nothing to convince Americans that this wouldn’t be a problem.  His children and business associates are very much a part of his team.  I hope he gets his ill-fitting clothes sued right off him.  What a moron.  You can’t act like this as president.  You just can’t.  You are held to a higher standard for a reason.

Then, of course, there’s the many individuals he’s putting in his cabinet.  I could make a joke here about his earlier claims of “draining the swamp,” but what would be the point.  There’s nothing funny about this one.  He puts Rick Perry in charge of energy (rather than…I don’t know–a scientist!), Steve Bannon as his Chief strategist (despite all the alt-right crap in his past and present), Rex Tillerson (former CEO of Exxon Mobil, rather than a politician who knows what the fuck they’re doing) as Secretary of State, John F. Kelly (a conspiracy nutjob) for Homeland Security, and Scott Pruitt (a moron denying the existence of climate change) for the EPA.  Let’s also not forget Ben Carson and Steven Mnuchin.  However, I’m already too overwhelmed to delve further into the details.  This list is pretty much the posterchild for who not to put in charge of the country!  Dammit.

But there’s so much that should concern us all.  Trump continues to tweet like an unruly twelve-year-old, and he’s already skipping security briefings.  He plans to fly back and forth constantly to New York, despite the security nightmare.  He denies that Russia had anything to do with his winning the presidency, despite the CIA and the FBI agreeing that they certainly did have something to do with it.  More than likely, Russia was behind the WikiLeaks reveal of Hillary Clinton’s boring (and certainly not classified) emails.  Because, duh.  Of course Putin would want Trump in power.  Trump has already proven that he is quite malleable by his audience.  You show him what you want, and his salesman mentality will bend to your will.  He’s all about the attention.  All Putin has to do is flatter him to get what he wants.  Or do nothing.  It’s not like Trump will ever start to attend his security briefings to learn what other countries might be doing.

Speaking of attention, just what the fuck is this “thank you” tour about?  Cheeto really is a toddler; just notice his hissy fits when he doesn’t get his way.  Stop traveling the country to get fawned on by the fans you’re about to screw over!  Most of the people who voted for Trump were the white and the working class.  As he plans to repeal ObamaCare and grant more tax breaks to the wealthy, Trump’s supporters stand to lose more than the rest of us.  I’d say they deserved it if this wasn’t all so heart-breaking.

I just can’t wait for this nightmare to end.  However, it won’t any time soon.  So, I need to step up my game and write more about what’s going on.  I read the news.  It’s time to help interpret it for others.  Remember: an informed nation doesn’t elect dickheads like President Cheeto.  Let’s promote informing this country.  It should now be everyone’s goal.

Picture from ABC News

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