Carrie Fisher: a Lasting Icon

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By Persephone

I’m a long-time nerd.  I have made no secret of this.  The original Star Wars trilogy has always been one of my favorite film franchises (I’m not mentioning the prequels here for a reason; I saw them in theaters, and they sort of broke me).  There were two characters that truly made the story come alive for me, and that’s Han Solo and Princess Leia.  Considering some of the sillier premises in the Star Wars films, which include ewoks armed with spears defeating storm troopers, a giant slug-creature with a gold bikini fetish, and a small green creature speaking entirely in Jedi crypticisms, this was quite the feat indeed.  That’s how good Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher were at their jobs.  They made it work anyway.

Yesterday, Carrie Fisher died.  She’d suffered a massive heart attack several days ago, and I’d suspected that she wasn’t going to make it the second the news mentioned she’d needed CPR.  Contrary to popular belief, CPR is used because it increases the chance of survival.  The statistics involved with survival are still pretty slim, even if compressions are conducted straight away.

Despite having only lived for 60 years, Fisher accomplished a substantial list in her lifetime.  In addition to starring as Princess Leia, she acted in numerous other films.  Ironically, my favorite of her movies is a made-for-tv one titled Romancing the Bride.  It’s not that the movie is that good–this is about Fisher’s hilarious take on the monster-mother-of-the-bride.  It’s delicious.  Despite her thespian roots (her mother is Debbie Reynolds), Fisher’s perhaps greatest achievements were quite personal.  For years, she self-medicated until she was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  As a result, she owned her condition and informed people about it.  Fisher turned to writing in a big way, making a significant name for herself through her old diaries and her new takes on her history.  She was funny, insightful, and accepting of her past rather than regretful.  I found that quite refreshing.

I can’t just say she’ll be missed.  She was far too impactful on modern cinema and the way we view celebrities.  Carrie Fisher proved herself a resourceful and resilient individual.  She changed so much during her time here.  Our world will never be the same.

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