Our Annual Renewal…or Rebirth…Whatever

By Persephone

Every year, we go through the same old scenario: welcoming the new year.  This isn’t just an American thing.  It occurs around the globe, although I’m sure such celebrations can trace their origins back to Western civilization.  But that doesn’t really matter.

The point is..there’s a desire in modern society to start over.  When one year ends, we are led to believe (mostly thought self-delusion) that this year will include some truly remarkable new beginnings.  No matter how shitty previous years might have proven to be, this year has the potential to really change your life.

Yeah.  There’s not a chance in hell that such high expectations will actually come to fruition.  Considering how lousy 2016 was and how lousy our new Congress and president are shaping up to be–even this early in the game–we’re sort of screwed right now.  Plus, our experiences never measure up to our hopes and dreams.  It’s true!  People like J.K. Rowling and Stephen King (let’s face it: those are writers have some truly enviable careers) are the very rare exceptions.  For the rest of us mere mortals, we have to settle for more realistic goals.

Having said that, there’s something enticing about a fresh start.  It gives us a sense of optimism that would otherwise never survive the darker times.  Over this last year, we saw many things that could have disturbed, depressed, or downright devastated us.  I know I experienced all three such debilitating emotions.  Yet, I’m still standing.  Self-delusion at least serves me well in this.  For, without hope for a better future, most of us would just get through our days numb and without feeling…anything.  Instead, we grow passionate, argumentative, caring, angry, opinionated, and happy throughout our days, despite all the shit that gets thrown at us.  We might feel numb when one of the worst examples of humanity are elected, or when we get dumped, or when we have to file for bankruptcy, or when we get fired, but this lack of emotion never lasts.

Humans are social, emotional creatures, and this means we look forward towards better times.  In order to live in better times, we have to set a strong foundation.  With this new beginning, let’s try just that.

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