The Russians are Coming

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By Persephone

So…over the last week or so, we’ve heard a lot of commentary about Trump and the Russians.  President Cheeto has repeatedly said that none of this matters, that the information is false, and that we need to move on from the convoluted election.  He thinks all this media coverage is pure propaganda, that we should move on.

Instead, I think I’d like to add to all this speculation.  But that’s just me.

I will admit, our time with Trump as our president elect has been surreal, and he hasn’t even taken office yet.  Lucky us.  However, I was surprised when the news hit that the Russians had influenced our recent presidential campaign in Trump’s favor.  As in, I was surprised that anyone else was surprised.  This news actually hit public circuits in October, when the FBI acknowledged they were investigating the possibility.  Considering how much ego-stroking going on between President Cheeto and Putin, it was hardly a revelation that Putin wanted Trump to be our next president.

I am surprised, though, that both the FBI and the CIA have come out to the media and admitted that their investigations have concluded Russia’s meddling to be a certainty.  They’re not usually so public about their conclusions, but maybe they’re just taking a card from our future president’s twitter habit.  God knows we don’t have to wonder about what Trump’s thinking.  He practically regurgitates it all in a highly attainable forum.

So, the CIA and the FBI have confirmed that Russia hacked into Clinton’s emails and released them through wikileaks in an attempt to influence the election.  Then, Russia continually added onto “fake news” propaganda targeting Hillary Clinton specifically.  Trump has publicly told us to move on, that the election is old news, and that he would have won anyway.  He has all but informed the FBI and the CIA that they’re incompetent and don’t know what they’re doing.  How reassuring for our future commander in chief.

The whole thing is surreal, but more rumors have abounded today.  Apparently, Russia also gained a whole lot of information against Trump, both business and personal.  Trump of course denies this, but he lies so damn much that I really can’t listen to him anymore.  If this is indeed true, we’re definitely screwed.

Why does this matter so much?  Just think about it.  Our president elect has many business interests that already conflict with politics.  President Cheeto has openly tried making deals on behalf of his company with Argentina, Taiwan, and Scotland, and he has made little effort to distance himself from his businesses or his children from the white house.  It’s already messy.  When you add in that Putin might have blackmail fodder to hold over him, things don’t look good.  We’re about to welcome a president whose every move might have nothing to do with the good of the American people.  Trump will always have an agenda, whether it’s to improve his profits or protect his own ass.  In the modern world, all our presidents have placed their money into a blind trust so that there would be no conflict of interest.  Even the lousy presidents were at least supposed to pretend that our interests came first.

So, I say it again.  We’re definitely screwed.

Picture from Foreign Policy Blogs

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