Winter Blues

By Persephone

I’ve said it before, but I feel like I need to say it again.  After hours of shoveling today and hours of shoveling to look forward to tomorrow, I feel I’m entitled.

I hate snow.

Yes, I know intellectually that it’s good for the coming fire season and for the water table.  Yes, I know it’s necessary for the crops.  Even so, I hate it.  It’s so heavy and messy and intrusive.  I’m just so tired of dealing with it.

What gets me through is the current drought map of California.  All the snow that I’ve been receiving in central Washington (and there’s a lot, even by our standards) has also been hitting California in the form of rain.  There are parts of that state that aren’t actually on the drought map anymore.  So all this freaking precipitation that we’ve been getting slammed with serves a purpose.

Which makes me grateful that we get so much snow.  But I hate it anyway.

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