The One That Got Away

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By Persephone

Well, it’s official.  President Cheeto is now our president, and he’s already freaking us out. First of all, there was Trump’s fire-and-brimstone speech, as well as his clueless response to the small crowds, offhand disregard of the stoic Hillary Clinton, and removal of all mention of climate change being a real thing from the white house website.  Considering less than 24 hours have passed since he took office, that’s a lot to freak out over.

However, I decided today to look to a more positive role model.  Yesterday saw the last day of Obama’s presidency, and he handled the entire ordeal with a dignity and grace that we may never witness in a president again.  Now, don’t get me wrong–I haven’t agreed with everything that Obama’s done during his eight years as president.  I feel his deportation policies were too harsh, he wasn’t aggressive enough when combating climate change, he tried too hard to get republicans to agree to things (there’s a certain point when you just tell them to grow up so that legislation can actually get passed), and his economic policies tended towards the “band aid” response rather than a more lasting overhaul our tax/welfare/poverty system.

But I digress.  He was still a good president, and he is still an exceptional individual.  He makes time for his family, his wife rocks and rocks hard, and he’s incredibly decent.  And, to be fair, he got dealt a shitty deal when he became president. First of all, he’s black, and that somehow angered a good portion of the American population.  Despite his clean track record, Obama was labeled as a “Kenyan Muslim” (because they’re clearly so common), and Trump was a chief instigator in that smear campaign.  It didn’t matter that Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate was on public record or that he attended a Christian church regularly (not that there’s anything wrong with your faith being Islam–your faith is your faith, and that’s a personal thing).  However, I’d like to point out that when your only leverage on a president is to make dumb shit up, there’s nothing to smear him with.  Obama really is that nice a guy.  Our problem with Trump is that he’s like an unending stream of bullshit.  It’s hard to pick just one or two things when you’re overwhelmed by the tidal wave sweeping across America of lies, scandals, racism, misogyny, infidelity, stubbornness, tweeting, literary deficiencies, ignorance, cruelty, pettiness, bigotry, hypocrisy, narcissism, and good-old fashioned asshole sentiments.  There’s just too much, and we don’t fight enough to defeat such blatantly wrong actions.

Aside from race, though, Obama also eventually inherited a Republican Congress.  For some reason, they have fought him on every turn.  It’s remarkable that he even managed to pass the Affordable Care Act, which I am currently on as I attend grad school, by-the-by.  For heaven’s sake, they didn’t even allow him to replace a Supreme Court judge!  No, every time he tried to change anything, Congress claimed he was a socialist.  They stopped him from accomplishing tax reform, and Congress said he just didn’t get much done.  Obama pulls our troops from Iraq, and Congress declared he was too easy on terrorism.  It’s an exhausting roller coaster, yet Obama came out of it a good man.  I would have been a raging bitch after so much opposition.

So, this is where we’re at.  A slightly flawed man who always acted in our best interests has just left the white house, and now we are stuck with one of the biggest bastards our country has ever seen.  Considering America’s history, that’s impressive.

Now we just need to take the bastard down.  As for Obama, I hope he joins us in doing so.  Otherwise, dude, at least enjoy your retirement.  I hear literally anywhere else is lovely this time of year.  Just take us with you.

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