All You Nasty Women–To the Streets!

By Persephone

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On Friday, we had to survive through an orange-colored asshole becoming our president.  I’m still recovering from this fact, but it is a fact (and not even an alternative one!)  On Saturday, the feminists of this world took to the streets and marched out their own emotions.  Millions of women, men, and children protested peacefully in hundreds of cities around the world.  It was awe-inspiring, and I’ve spent the last 24 hours reading all the lovely, imaginative, and well-written (as in, no misspellings in sight–you gotta love progressives) signs posted online.  To everyone who was involved, thanks.  Trump needed to see this, and so did I.

I didn’t go.  I hope I don’t regret missing this too much, but I’m afraid I will.  I’d already agreed to help with a school event weeks before I even found out this was happening.  I won’t be missing the next one.

However, because I didn’t go, I was stuck around the people who deliberately avoided the Women’s March.  Remember that I live in a very small, rural, and Conservative area.  Meaning: I got to hear a lot of speculation surrounding the march.  The most common questions I heard was, “Why are they marching?  He’s our president.  There’s nothing we can do about it.”

Sigh.  A fellow progressive friend of mine wondered just how she could explain what this event meant.  “If they don’t get it, I don’t see how I could explain it to them,” she said.  While I see her point, I figured I’d give all the conservative people out there a shot.  I’d like to explain just what this protest meant to me.

This wasn’t just about Trump.  Oh, he was definitely a concern to the people of this protest, but what truly matters is what he represents.  While the majority of voters elected Hillary Clinton, there were enough swing votes to ensure President Cheeto his rise to power.  Trump ran on a campaign that promised the deportation of millions of immigrants (even if they’d never hurt anybody), rescinding of women’s reproductive rights, forcible registry for all Muslims, denial of climate change’s existence, and that racist thoughts were okay to talk about.  All the white people out there who’d felt like a victim because they didn’t know any minorities personally (and were tired of hearing about equality) voted for Trump.  There was no other reason for a person to vote for him.  It simply shocked the hell out of the rest of us that there were enough of these closet racists/misogynists/dumb asses that he became president.

So, even though Trump is now our president, a great many people needed to show how not okay with this they are.  I am not okay with this.  Trump is not a normal president.  This whole situation is not normal!  He tweets his petty feelings while feeding us lie after lie.  He shows zero courtesy to the women in his life, and he’s a textbook narcissist.  Trump as well as the people who voted for him have got us scared, and we needed to show the world that we would fight.  If you threaten Roe v. Wade to remove our right to abortions, we will fight to maintain that freedom.  If you continue to deny the systemic racism prevalent in the police force, we will continue to be a thorn in your side.  If this country takes away gay marriage, we will march every day until you allow us marriage equality once more.  We are Americans, and we stand for the liberty of all Americans.

Now that he’s president, Trump has to answer to us, the people.  And we’re pissed.  And we’re watching.  And we’re not going to just stay at home bitching about it.  This march was to prove that we would take action.  Actions of millions of people cannot and will not be ignored, and we will do whatever is right to promote equality for all.

Really, it was a beautiful thing.

Picture from Bored Panda

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