What’s Your Cause?

By Persephone

We’re all still reeling from the latest events this weekend.  It will not be easy adjusting to President Cheeto’s incompetent reign o’ terror, and I for one hope I’ll never really adjust to it.  Adjustment implies complacency.  Complacency got the asshole elected in the first place.  Never again.

Anyway, I’ve been reading and watching pretty much everything I could get my hands on that either made fun of Trump or helped me focus on our next steps.  I watched my usual Daily Show and Seth Meyer monologues, but I decided to add a new writer to the mix.  My sister has been nagging me to read John Scalzi’s blog for years.  He’s a science fiction novelist that I like but have never really loved like she does.  Anyway, I finally caved and read his blog this last weekend, if only so someone else’s point of view would add some clarity to the situation.  I quite liked how Scalzi spoke about our responsibilities now that we have a greedy narcissist in charge of our country.  He advised that each of us pick a single cause.  Otherwise, we’d stretch ourselves too thin.  Others will follow suit and take up the other causes.

Obviously, I feel very strongly about education and the power of actual facts, so you’d think that was the cause I turned to here.  While I wish to continue writing for this website and voicing my own opinions based on facts, this wasn’t the first cause that hit me and hit me hard.  With Roe v. Wade threatened, I might have considered turning to women’s reproductive rights.  Hell, there’s so many social causes that I feel are important and vital to any society grounded in human decency.  These causes include special education, welfare, women in politics, systemic racism, homophobia, wage gaps, language barriers, gun control, animal rights, job retraining programs, religious tolerance, and clearly way too many others.

Yet, I turned away from all of these issues.  These are all pressing human issues, but they’re not the most vital.  If we as a society lose our liberties now, eventually I feel confident that future activists will regain them.  It would suck in the meantime, but we’ll recover.  God knows we’ve recovered from some pretty nasty shit in our history.  We’ll simply have to buck up and survive more.

However, you can’t postpone reacting to climate change.  We have to do something about that now.  We have to switch to clean energy, we must stop increasing our overly populated planet, and the pollution of our air and water need to stop now.  Thanks to us, all our future descendants are screwed.  We have to stop adding to climate change, and we need to figure out ways to reverse some of the existing damage.

As someone who is terrible at science, I did find it surprising that climate change turned out to be my cause.  But oh, well.   This is our future he’s messing with, and I hope to have grandkids one day.  President Cheeto is already threatening my fictional grandchildren by attempting to defund and deregulate the Environmental Protection Agency.  It’s only Day 3, and he’s already paying off his favors to oil and fossil fuel industries with deep pockets.  Such an act is despicable, and nothing better come of it.  To help with that, I suggest anyone who reads this to call their congressmen.  I already did.  And tomorrow, I probably will again.

Just remember: this isn’t normal.  Don’t ever let it feel normal.  Even if you never choose a cause to fight for, remember that at least.

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