Why the Dakota Pipeline is a Big Deal

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By Persephone

President Cheeto has certainly experienced quite the busy first week, hasn’t he?  Right at the forefront of his multiple executive orders are his “immigration reforms,” which have already received significant media and activist attention.  While I find his ban of legal citizens from certain (as in Middle Eastern) legal citizens extremely troubling, that gauntlet has already been taken up by much more powerful individuals than myself. Several federal judges have already postponed it, proving that Trump cannot just destroy every principle this country was built on without a fucking fight.  There’s not a doubt in my mind that he will reinstitute this ban, but the ACLU will fight him tooth and nail.  They have the Constitution on their side; I have to believe that Trump will eventually lose this battle.

However, he’s also frozen all grant money to the Environmental Protection Agency.  Employees of the EPA have even been told to stay off social media and simply not speak to anyone about what is going on under the new presidency.

Yeah, there’s nothing hinky there.

On top of his secretive reformation of one of our most important federal agencies, Captain Cheesepuff is currently trying to resurrect the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines.  Why does that matter so much?  Well, in the case of the Dakota Access Pipeline, we’re talking about almost 1,200 miles of pipe underneath American soil transporting gallons upon gallons of crude oil.  While the planned-out route has for the most point avoided heavily populated areas, this is still a troubling prospect.  If the pipeline bursts, it could result in the irreversible pollution of groundwater as well as the deaths of thousands of wild animals.  Don’t believe me?  Just check out Canada‘s luck with this particular problem.

Luckily, the Dakota Access has faced considerable opposition in the past year, as their proposed route is set just outside the Standing Rock Sioux Nation’s reservation, and it’s even supposed to intersect Lake Oahe, the tribe’s primary water source.  On top of all that, the pipeline would be built all through ancient burial sites under the current proposed plan.  Why does the tribe care so much about that?  Just think how you’d feel if a veterans’ cemetary was dug up in the name of fossil fuel transportation.

Yeah, you’d be pissed, too.

While I do wish that Obama had stopped the project altogether, at least the project was halted in early November so that the Army Corps of Engineers could rethink the proposed placement.  Now, Trump’s revived the project.  Fantastic.

If such a pipeline is so dangerous and could adversely affect thousands of Americans, you’d think Trump would have hesitated.  Nope.  Not that asshole.  He’s got too many oil and gas businessmen in his cabinet to ever think about the environment or his citizens.  The president even recently owned shares in the project.  According to his employees, he had sold his stock as of the end of November.  However, no evidence has yet been provided to prove this.

Even if Trump did sell all his interests in the Dakota Pipeline, that doesn’t negate his conflicts of interest here.  Not in any way.  For one thing, he would have sold the stock after getting elected president.  This means that he would have sold his stock to a buyer with a guarantee that the project was going to proceed once he became president, which means he could have made a sizable profit off the endeavor.  As he signed an executive order to revitalize the project on just Day 4 of his presidency, this isn’t exactly a far-fetched theory.  When you factor in how many CEOs and former CEOs of the fossil fuel industry surround him in the white house, it’s perfectly obvious that Trump is profiting financially from these pipelines.

Because these pipelines in no way benefit the people of this country.  A real president would have taken our lives and our treaties and our environment into account before endangering the Midwestern states like this.  These are the people who voted for you, dumbass.  Good luck ever getting them to do that again.

Photo courtesy of cnn.com

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