Fight the Helpless Feeling

By Persephone

Yesterday, I was dismissive of the Muslim ban.  Well, maybe not dismissive, but I didn’t make it my first priority.  Now that I’ve had a chance to read more articles and study the matter in full, I am overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness.

Our President has deemed it acceptable to ban legal citizens simply because they were born in one of 7 countries–7 countries whose citizens have never committed terrorism on American soil.  These are individuals who have literally never performed violent atrocities upon us, yet Trump cites our safety as his primary reasoning.  It doesn’t matter that all his cronies in Saudi Arabia (the single greatest influence on the 9/11 attacks) get to enter in and out of the country without a single inconvenience.  President Cheeto has singled out and targeted poor countries populated mostly by members of the Islamic faith for no fucking reason.

You think he did it for our safety?  Please.  He can’t even explain that one out.  Instead, he’s given every Islamic extremist a reason to feel victimized as well as given them the perfect target.  If we get attacked at this point, we know who to blame.

Lawyers and the ACLU are working around the clock to fix this ban in the meantime.  As it violates the liberty of our citizens as well as detains humans without due process, this executive order is clearly unconstitutional.  These lawyers have a lot of work to do to save those currently detained, and federal judges have their hands full simply delaying the order taking effect.  In the long run, I’m not sure of their success, and that’s terrifying.  American racism and inhumanity is now out in the open for all the world to see, and they are not impressed.  Neither am I.

It would be too easy to simply curl back into bed and ignore this situation.  It feels like a nightmare.  Instead, we need to fight.  We need to protest at the airports.  You think the protests already in progress have enough numbers?  I beg to differ.  Add yourself to the party.  Show your anger and stand with those who for some reason wish to live here.  Immigrants from the Middle East shouldn’t suffer further atrocities for such deplorable taste.  Call your congressmen.  Write to your congressmen.  Donate to the ACLU.  Do what you need to do separate yourself from Trump’s heinous act.

It’s bad enough sharing nationalities with the prick.

And America might be full of racists, homophobes, superior-acting Christians, ignorant boobs, and ambitious businessmen, but it is still our country.  It is still a country founded on principles of immigrants finding a new life (screwing over the Natives royally in the process, but that’s America for you).  We should be better than this.  We are better than this.

Oh, and Congress?  You could do us all a huge favor.  Impeach the fucker.

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