A Common Question

By Persephone

I live in a very conservative area.  When I say conservative, I’m not kidding here.  For instance, just last night I was with a group of colleagues who made fun of the idea of transsexuals, as if the very concept was a “liberal” notion.  Despite my recent vows to not allow such ignorance to continue in my hearing, I said nothing.  I contributed nothing.  Later, in the same conversation, someone also speculated about the need to do away with the Department of Education.

I’m so very tired.  We hit two weeks into a Cheeto presidency today.  I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with all the drama.  It doesn’t help that I live among a very rural community that doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about, and they instead praise some of his decisions.  How do you explain to them why a Muslim ban is a horrific event, indicative of deep-seated racism and a forthcoming genocide?

How do you explain that the Department of Education funds very little of public school education (only around 5%–it’s the states that pay for it)?  The Department of Education sets certain guidelines for public schools, yes, and helps with the legislation, but its primary job is to help fund and assist with higher learning.  As in, college and universities.  That’s right.  If you do away with the Department of Education, there will be a great many students who live below the poverty level who will stay there the rest of their lives because they’ll never be able to afford college on minimum wage.

How do you stand up for the environment?  Thousands of scientists aren’t making climate change up.  It’s really happening, and the process is gaining momentum.  We’re feeling the effects everywhere in both the weather and the fluctuating temperatures.  If there’s going to be a chance to combat our own impact on our planet, we have to act immediately.  This isn’t shit we can put off or pretend doesn’t exist.

How do you explain that jobs didn’t necessarily go overseas?  In most cases, advanced technology made many factory and manufacturing jobs obsolete.

How do you back up the press, whom Trump continues to pain as dishonest and fake?

How do you continue to fight when no one around you thinks that there’s a battle in the first place?

This is the real dilemma.  Over and over again, I’ve heard from the people around me, “Why don’t we give him a chance?  What has he actually done wrong?  Why are you so against him?”

This is why:

1.) He’s inexperienced.  Other than reality television, Trump has proven himself a failure in every enterprise he’s ever been involved in.  He’s the first president to have no military or political background.

2.) He’s an asshole.  While we’ve had asshole presidents before, they’ve also never been good presidents.  Trump has zero regard for others’ feelings or thoughts.  He might surround himself with the “best people,” but he sure as fuck doesn’t listen to them.

3.) He’s an attention-whore.  Trump revels in admiration.  All the massive dislike he’s received both on the campaign trail and after his election is really getting to him.  I plan on continuing with my own disdain.  It’s how I fight back.  His modest crowd on inauguration day and all the protests bother the hell out of him, so…keep it up, people!

4.) He’s a moron.  He doesn’t read, he doesn’t attend intelligence briefings, he doesn’t consult lawyers, and he doesn’t think before submitting one of his numerous executive orders.  I can only pray that the ACLU can keep up with him.

5.) He targets the wrong things.  Since coming into office, Trump has targeted some of the dumbest shit imaginable.  These include (but are not limited to) Schwarzenegger’s ratings, legal immigrants from countries with no terrorism history with the U.S, Roe v. Wade (which should be untouchable), the Johnson Law (which keeps non-profit–in other words, religious–institutions from going political), the Affordable Care Act (the same thing as ObamaCare, which apparently a lot of voters didn’t realize), the entire environment, which we depend on for our very survival as a species, and nonexistent illegal voting.  None of these are problems, yet he’s going after them.  Heaven forbid he work on gun control or foreign hacking–things that actually need fixing.

6.) He keeps pissing off foreign leaders.  Just look at what he said to Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbill.

7.  He surrounds himself with the worst of humanity.  For instance, there’s Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon.  ‘Nuff said.

8.) He clearly thinks his business is more important than the country.  He’s made no real gestures to reassure us to the contrary, and his daughter and sons continue to meet with foreign diplomats.  We all know that Trump is still involved with his business.  I can only hope he gets his rear end sued off over this.

So, the really questions isn’t, “Why don’t you give him a chance?”

It’s, “Why would you give him a chance?”  He’s never shown himself to be anything other than the wishy-washy incompetent toddler that he is.  Yet we’ve handed him the White House.  All we can do is limit the damage and hope it’s not long-lasting.  Fingers crossed.

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