Crockpot Chicken

By Persephone

It’s unusual when I’m not working all day, so this is a pretty ideal recipe for me.  Crockpots are awesome when you’re out of the kitchen all day.  You just pop all the ingredients in, turn on the crockpot, then run off to work. Other than side dishes, you’ve got everything covered.

For this insanely easy recipe, you start off with a whole (thawed) chicken.  I usually try for one of a larger size, but I’m usually feeding a large family.  Rinse the chicken out with warm water, then place breast-side up in the crockpot.  Smooth on 2 tablespoons of butter on the very top of the chicken, then season.  I use seasonings according to my mood.  I frequently like citrus or maple seasonings, although I’ve lately wished there was a seasoning that increases intelligence to the general public even as it reduces my depression.  However, this is just a crockpot chicken, and miracles are not included.  After you’ve thrown on whatever seasonings you like, fill the pot with warm water until the water is just about level with the surface of the chicken.  Cover.  Start the crockpot on low, cooking for 8 hours.  When it’s done, extract out all the skin and bones, serving the rest of the chicken with the desired side dishes.

This recipe is pretty awesome because you can use all the broth with any leftover chicken on another night for chicken soup.  It’s pretty nifty.


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