So…Obviously No Conflicts of Interest Here

By Persephone

So…Nordstrom’s department store recently dropped Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, and it’s been kind of a lot of drama ever since.  Not only did President Cheeto criticize the act on both his personal and presidential twitter feeds, but Sean Spicer even spoke harshly of the act.  He described it as a direct response towards Trump’s policies, that Ivanka’s line shouldn’t be held accountable for her father’s actions.  Spicer even admitted that, although Ivanka had distanced herself from the day-to-day running her company, her name is still intrinsically linked to the business.

Well, duh.  We’ve been saying all along that the Trump name and ownership of the company greatly affects decisions made by the president.  Taking himself out of the everyday decision-making process doesn’t change that.  I really don’t know how he’s legally allowed to be president, to be honest.

However, Nordstrom has every right to drop any clothing line they choose.  By all accounts, the higher-priced clothing is made of low-quality fabric and manufacturing, so of course Nordstrom was going to drop it.  Even if the real reasoning behind their refusal of this line is politically based, as they are under pressure from liberals boycotting their stores, they have every right to do so.  It’s capitalism, baby!  Trump is one of the key advocates of businesses doing just about whatever they want.  If this one hadn’t affected his kid, he would probably be praising Nordstrom right about now, but President Cheeto never was one to recognize irony.  I think it’s because the word contains too many syllables.

Then, of course, Kellyanne Conway took the whole thing to straight-up illegal territory (not the gray area that Republican Senators keep pretending they haven’t noticed, but we totally know that they have).  On Fox, Conway lamented Nordstrom’s attitude, then urged all the listeners to, “Go buy Ivanka’s stuff…I’m going to give a free commercial here.”

That’s right.  The current White House administration’s most recognizable spokesperson just endorsed a product on television.  She used her political position to sell clothing.

And if you think that the Ethics experts aren’t snatching up her careless remarks like bloodthirsty hyenas, you’d be dead wrong.  Even Jason Chaffetz–a Republican, by the way–remembered that he was the House Oversight Chairman and started looking into the matter, claiming that such remarks were “clearly over the line.”

More power to them and all, but what the hell?  This administration has been obviously more interested in business interests right from the beginning, and yet it’s Conway saying something stupid (so unusual for her) that crashes down their political empire?  Weird, but I’ll take it.


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