It’s Amazing How Much Drama Russia Will Add to Any Situation, Isn’t It?

By Persephone

Well, our National Security Advisor of 24 days, Michael Flynn, has resigned.  This is all in the wake of several recent revelations made public.  It turns out that, prior to President Cheeto’s inauguration, Flynn talked to ambassadors from Russia about sanctions Obama was enacting.  Flynn actually spoke to another country’s government about another president’s actions, while he was still a civilian.  Unsurprisingly, this is totally illegal.

Even worse (debatably), Flynn lied repeatedly about the content of those conversations.  Mike Pence even joined in on the fun and lied on Flynn’s behalf.  It’s become quite the to-do, made all the more dramatic by the numerous leaks by White House staffers and the press placing pressure on the administration to drop Flynn.  So, they did.  He no longer has his job.

However, the administration has known about this right from the beginning.  Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates informed the White House that Flynn had performed this illegal act, making himself vulnerable to potential blackmail.  Until the public was aware of any of these occurrences, Trump seemed quite content to let this all blow over.  He’s always been good at problems that he himself instigated.

For, that’s the real question, isn’t it?  Did Flynn speak to Russia on his own, or was it at the behest of his president?  Considering how Trump acts like a love-struck teenager whenever Putin’s name is brought into a conversation, I know which option I think is the more viable.  But there’s more!  If Trump really has been promising Russia special treatment, it definitely makes the timeline all the more crucial.

Members of Trump’s staff have been talking to the Russian government since pretty much the beginning of the election.  We know this.  We also know that Kellyanne Conway’s predecessor was fired due to public knowledge of his business dealings with Russia.  When you add on top of all this speculation the MI-6 report, parts of which are starting to be confirmed, then it’s truly a spectacle.

Meanwhile, Sean Spicer is frantically attempting to conduct damage control despite obviously not being briefed on what’s going on, what remains of Pence’s credibility is in question, Kellyanne Conway’s so frazzled that her mascara is smeared, and the Republicans are running out of excuses for their new leader.  The administration is busy trying to cover its own ass.  They’re on the defensive.

And we want them on the defensive.  Remember that.  We have to keep pissing off Trump.  Keep him busy with poll numbers, personnel leaks, protests, and tweets so that he will stop signing badly spelled executive orders.  It’s our civic duty.  Luckily, this administration is so all over the place that they’re making it easy for us to do what’s necessary.  Keep calling him on his mistakes.  He really hates that.

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