Aren’t you tired yet? Well, yes. Yes, we are.

By Persephone

Late last week, a conservative friend of mine claimed that she and her friends on Facebook can only talk about one thing.  How tired they are of protestors.  She’s tired of all the complaining, the lack of cooperation, the outright hostility, and the protesting in the streets.  She and her fellow Trumpkins believe that we should simply accept that Trump is our president and let him go about the business of governing.

“Aren’t you tired yet?” she asked me.

Of course I’m tired.  I’m a girl who, until November 8th of last year, only read the occasional news article and watched some political satire.  I wasn’t politically active.  Not in the least.  I was the closemouthed liberal surrounded by oceans of conservatives (it doesn’t help I’ve always lived in very rural areas).  That was my place, and I was stuck with it.  I was openly gay with a few chatty people who spread the word around, but I myself simply didn’t talk about it in public.  That’s the life I’ve always led.

Then, it was proven that this simply wasn’t enough.  I needed to fight a world that had grown uneducated, fearful, violent, hypocritical, divided, and intolerant.  President Cheeto is a symptom of the country we have to fix.   He is not the cause.

That doesn’t meant I must take his hateful rhetoric lying down.  I will not see him force the American public to turn their backs on each other.  I will not simply allow my friends and colleagues to question the legitimacy of the news.  I cannot watch as thousands of peaceful immigrants are forced out of this country, breaking families apart.  Our nation is supposed to be founded on certain principles.  Whether you are a conservative or a liberal, you are supposed to believe in certain inalienable rights.

These rights include an intact environment, not profit above our children’s world.  These rights include the trust that our government and our police will protect us.  These rights include equal wages, equal educational opportunities, and the path to happiness.  These are privileges we should be able to depend on, and his presidency threatens them all.

“Aren’t you tired yet?”

Because of this recent election, I now find myself poring every day over various news sites, watching more news, and watching all the political satire I can find.  This is during my few solitary hours, when I’m supposed to be doing my homework.  I can’t remember the last time I actually read a book for enjoyment.  I am finally starting to discuss politics with those same conservatives I avoided such topics with before, and I have to hold myself back with all my might to discuss such issues calmly.  They already think liberals and homosexuals are hysterical.  I can’t feed into their prejudices, but it’s so difficult not to overreact.

“Aren’t you tired yet?”

Gods, yes.  I’m exhausted.  But this fight is no longer about me.  It’s about all of us–Trumpkins included.  We’ll all be affected by what’s happening right now.  Which is why I choose to protest.  Because he needs to know that I’m not okay with him being my president.  Because he needs to know that most of us do stand by our principles, and he violates every single one of them.

And if he wants to strip us of those principles, he’s in for a fight.  We may be tired, but we’re not going to back down.


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