….We Really Can’t Afford Him


By Persephone

Well, the numbers are in, and Trump is super expensive to take care of.

Really, really expensive.

I mean, I knew he cost a lot as the president elect.  The estimated projections there claimed he cost anywhere between $400,000 and $1 million to protect.  This is due in large part to how he and Melania insisted on remaining in the middle of New York despite how much it was costing the city as well as the secret service to make it happen.  It didn’t help that his kids like to travel a lot, too.  I get that we have to keep secret service agents around President Cheeto’s kids despite the fact they’re grown…I actually do.  If one of them was taken hostage, they could be used as a potential bargaining chip, and no one wants their president to decide between his offspring and his country.  So, that one, I get.

It doesn’t change the fact that this is costing us a ton of money, though.  He’s got a lot of kids, and they like to travel to some very expensive hotels.  Mostly his own.  The fact that he’s profiting off of security detail renting rooms from his businesses should be classified as a “Conflict of Interest,” shouldn’t it?  Wait, no one’s investigating that?  Sigh.  He’s not even pretending not to profit off his lame-ass presidency.

And now we actually know that in just one month as the President (no longer the president elect), Trump has cost the American taxpayers an estimated $11.3 million during his first month as President.  For reference, President Obama only cost us an average of $12.1 million yearly.

What. The.  Hell.

However, this number only seems to concern how much his family is costing the Federal government.  This includes his three weekend trips back-to-back to Mar-a-Lago, which have collectively cost us  $10 million. It doesn’t include the money Florida’s police force is pouring into overtime.  It does include Erik Trump’s costing us nearly  $100,000 when he visited Uruguay, though.

Aside from the Federal government, New York City’s taken quite a hit.  They’ve admitted that housing Melania and Barron amounts to $500,000 a day for them.  This will figure out to an estimated $183 million annually.

This adds up.  This family has expensive tastes, and they’re not going to rein them in for something as simple as the American people having to foot the bill.  It sort of takes away the pinache of Trump refusing to take the Presidential salary, doesn’t it?  Since the salary currently only amounts to $400,000 a year, it seems like just a drop in the ocean at this point, am I right?

So, let me just end on this note.  Even if you don’t like any of my social points of view–if you agree with Trump on his immigration policies, environmental stance, educational agenda, and so many other topics that I personally find so repulsive–I ask you now to set aside your emotional attachment to this man.  Look at the financial side of Trump’s president and ask yourself one question.

Can we afford him?

Picture from The Telegraph

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