I Guess This is Sort of a Vacation Week…of Sorts

By Persephone

It’s not like me to get so lazy…I haven’t posted for several days, and that simply isn’t like me.  Skipping a day here or there is the norm.  Ignoring this website for the majority of the week isn’t.

I really don’t have an excuse.  I haven’t had time or energy, true, but I rarely do.  I’m still reading the news–including the recent discoveries of Trump’s involvement with the Russian government on top of his war with the media.  These are things I really want to write about, but they’re also things I’d like to see play out a little bit further.  Mostly, my motivation’s just sort of gone this week.  I’ve worked every day, and I’m still recovering from all that studying for my test on Monday…which I passed.  Unfortunately, I still have one more test to study for.  Sigh.  Plus, I’m trying to finish up a class.  My final is next week.  Oh, joy.

Anyway, I’m sorry to have neglected this website.  In a Trump storm, it’s proven my salvation.  I can read about the injustices and uncertainty then write about it.  My words give me clarity.  Plus, it grants me the illusion of assisting the resistance in some way.  There are plenty of other ways I will continue to do so.  We have to keep him busy, people!



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