Media: We Need to Talk

By Persephone

Okay, Media.  Here’s the deal.  For over a year, President Trump (previously Presidential Nominee then President Elect Trump) has grown increasingly hostile towards you.  Why?  Well, primarily because he’s a dick.  Also, because he knows that if voters stop trusting you and only trust what he says, it won’t matter what you say.  The people won’t believe it anyway.

Luckily for you, Trump’s an idiot.  He’s been so obvious about denigrating and mocking you that the majority of the American people find his claims a bit far-fetched.  Most of us see him for the bullshit artist that he is, and this affects how we perceive his war that he has forced on you.  When he tweets that the free press is the “enemy of the people,” we feel sick to our stomachs.  When he bans certain mainstream journalists from a routine White House briefing, we grow scared.  Trump is obsessed with discrediting you, and he doesn’t seem to care how obvious his actions are.

This might surprise you, but a large number of the American people are behind you.  We might not always care for the content that you cover.  You certainly seem fond of those fluff pieces as well as the ones that scare the living daylights out of us.  It’s like you want us to feel heartwarmed or terrified, and no in-between.  Yet, we still need you.  You are the ones who investigate and tell the public what’s going on.  Without you, we’d only know about Trump’s antics from the White House.  And no one wants that.

So, we have your back.  Having said that, you have got to get over Trump, man.  Seriously.  Every time he sets aside the racism, dictatorial anger, blatant misogyny, etc. for a single speech, you grow all gaga over him.  For instance, pundits nationwide have praised Trump’s recent speech to Congress for his “presidential tone.”  He spoke of lofty ideals like health care for all, clean water and air, and less fear among immigrants.   He even condemned anyone displaying antisemitism.  His speech wasn’t bad.  My biggest problem with it is that this speech isn’t real. None of it actually reflects reality.

The reality is that he’s gutting the EPA, which sets the guidelines for cleaner water and air.  It also cleans them up when corporations get greedy.

The reality is he’s about to rewrite the Muslim travel ban via executive order.  Who knows if this one will be as easily overturned?

The reality is he really is horribly gropey and gross with women.  He likes us to dress like women and shut up so he can talk.

The reality is people really are desecrating Jewish cemeteries.  People really are killing members of the transsexual community.  ICE really is deporting illegal immigrants (and even some legal) to Mexico.  It doesn’t even matter if you’re Mexican.

The reality is that Republicans genuinely hate Obamacare, and they’ll do anything to repeal it.  It doesn’t even matter that they have no current plan to replace it.

The reality is he still considers the free press fake news.  And that’s not going to change any time soon.

So…my advice?  Stop trying to praise Trump to earn your way back into his good graces.  He has a short memory.  I’m not even telling you to bitch about him like I do.  I’m not a journalist. I’m way too opinionated to be one.

It’s your responsibility to present the facts in as unbiased a manner as possible. Please, try that.  Don’t praise him for lying his ass off to Congress.  Instead, fact check his speeches, call him on falsehoods, point out the racism, and just do your jobs!  It’s why you’re needed.  It’s Donald J. Trump who is disposable.

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