Muslim Ban: the Sequel

By Persephone

So…yeah.  This happened yesterday.  President Cheeto fulfilled yet another campaign promise we’d not-so-privately hoped was bullshit.

It wasn’t.  His first half-assed attempt at a Muslim ban was full of short-term issues, as it didn’t clarify much (or anything at all) of what to do with people from the banned countries with existing visas.  Nor did it spell out much for citizens with dual citizenship or even people traveling domestically.  It was ridiculous just how uncoordinated the original ban had been.

However, the sequel ban isn’t.  It’s very clear about its policies for the short-term (which are far more liberal than the original), but its long-term effects will prove just as damaging.  We will no longer be accepting immigrants from the following countries: Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Libya, and Sudan.  The executive order says 90 days, but who knows if that’s true.  All refugees are postponed as well.  It will still affect anyone from those countries who’s waiting to move to the U.S.  Many visas have already been revoked as a result of the last ban.

Worst of all, this one will probably hold up in court.  It’s pretty tight.

Of course, you know what that means.  Time to break out the posterboard!

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