Just Because I’m Good at Something…

By Persephone

I just took a final for one of my classes on Saturday, and I passed it.  I have an endorsement test scheduled for Tuesday because I obviously know how to schedule things well.  Seriously, you’d think I’d give myself a chance to breathe somewhere in my week.  Anyway, I’m a little worried about Tuesday’s test.  A friend of mine pointed out yesterday that I “worry too much,” pointing out my recent track record.  I’ve passed all of my endorsement tests and finals on the first try.  My friend figured reminding me of this fact would comfort me.  Instead, I think it skips over the reason I keep passing tests.

I don’t pass tests because I’m smart, as she claimed.  Sure, I’m not stupid, but no one remembers key information about the economics and the preamble to the Constitution because they know it instinctively.  I learn about this stuff because I study.  And I study.  And I study.  It’s an neverending process that results in academic success.

So, yeah.  I might be smart, but saying that I pass tests simply because I’m smart ignores all the hard work that goes into my test-taking.  Natural ability only goes so far on this one.  I also take this shit seriously.  Knowledge is a serious business.

Having said all this, there’s one more factor that promotes my success in this matter.

I hate taking tests.  I work that much harder to only take them once.  Just saying.

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