Who Do You Work For?

By the Oracle

It’s a question that you normally don’t have to ask most members of our elected government.  Most elected officials would answer, “The citizens of the United States” or “the Constitution.”  Unfortunately, I’m not sure what the answer would be anymore.  Members of Congress are refusing to go to town halls because of angry constituents.  (They say they’re professional protesters…yeah..right…)  I know that most of the Republican representatives in my home state didn’t hold a single in-person town hall.  They were too chickenshit to show up.  Those same representatives voted against making Donald Trump produce his tax returns.  Congressmen Jason Chaffetz and Devin Nunes, who chair influential committees for investigating what’s going on in the Trump White House, don’t seem even a little bit interested in investigating what’s going on.  What Congress has been interested in doing is rolling back insurance coverage, to make it more profitable for insurance companies.  Their replacement for the ACA is a joke.  It doesn’t serve the sick, elderly, or the poor.  But the wealthiest Americans get a lovely tax break, so much so that this new healthcare bill is unsustainable.

And our President is just awful.  At this point, I would be excited if he WAS only working for his own interests.  I have no idea who he works for.  I only know that he isn’t working for our interests.  His secretary on Education Betsy DeVos dislikes public schools and thinks that private or charter schools would be a better choice.  She doesn’t have a background in education, and no member of her family have been to a public school, but her family has funneled millions into campaigns.  Scott Pruitt, the new head of EPA, doesn’t believe in climate change and feels environmental regulations are an impediment to the oil and gas industry.  Rick Perry, the new head of the Energy Department, had no idea that the department did more than just regulate the oil and gas industry.  Ben Carson at HUD has no background in housing, but he was once poor, so in Trump’s mind I guess it counts.  Steve Mnuchin was known as the “Widow Foreclosure” king.  Price at Health and Human Services was making money on deals that he brokered while a Representative.  The list goes on and on.  These are not public servants.  His picks either want to dismantle the government agency they work for or are planning to profit on what their agency does.  This is not normal.  Normally, you would pick someone committed to the mission of the agency.  They would have years of government experience, or be highly educated, or even been well regarded in their field.  These are not those folks.

This doesn’t begin to even cover our administration’s ties to Russia.  Flynn resigned for lying about his Russian ties and just today registered as an agent for a foreign government.  It turns out he took 350K to work for Turkey.  Then you add in that the Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied about meetings with Russia.  Also, there’s Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon, etc…  Rex Tillerson our new Secretary of State has deep ties with Russia.  He worked closely on oil and gas issues for years.  He was considered so influential he was given the Order of Friendship.  THIS IS NOT NORMAL!  The people who run our government do not usually have these close ties with foreign governments.

It’s time to learn the truth.  Trump should be forced by Congress to produce his taxes.  All his taxes.  A special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia and how long he has had such ties.  Congress should also investigate why so many members of Trump’s White House staff have not had a thorough background check.  While the President doesn’t have to worry about conflicts of interest, his staff does.  It’s time to root out the corruption that has taken hold in our government.  It’s time to protect our career civil service, who works so tirelessly to protect all of us.  It’s time to stop letting money control our elections.  It’s time for our government to be boring again.  The first step is to ask our elected officials, “Who do you work for?”  The answer should be, “The citizens of the United States of America.”  Any less than that should not be tolerated, and that official should start looking for a new job.


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