As You Can See, Money Talks

Image result for trumps tax returns

Oh, woe is he

For whom no one will let be.

One by one, we make our demands–

Just to whom has he sold his lands?

And why would he take the poor’s health care?

As for immigrants, cannot this country be shared?

Will Trump ever discern fiction from facts,

And when has he paid his fair share in tax?

Questions bombard Cheeto from the very real news,

But our trust and this country, he decides instead to abuse.


Where have you received your money, President Cheeto?  Yeah, we see that you paid the alternative minimum tax in 2005 on the short version of your tax returns.  And no, we don’t believe that either your or a member of your staff at your behest didn’t send it.  We know you were behind it, and that’s all there was too it.  It was too benign a return, and you obviously were ecstatic to brag about it.

Seriously.  The whole thing was stupidly transparent.

But the tax return didn’t clear up anything.  You didn’t pay the full taxes for your income level because of “negative income,” but the two pages Rachel Maddow revealed didn’t say anything about where any of your income came from, negative or otherwise.  So…where did you get the money, Trump?  We want to know if foreign governments or a Russian mob genuinely are buying you off.  This would be useful information.  And while we’re at it, why not provide the rest of your tax returns?  Those two pages might satisfy your ardent supporters, but they only managed to increase the curiosity of the rest of us.  Judging by the opinion polls lately, President Cheeto, that’s most of the United States.  Don’t believe me?  It turns out that 74% of us want to see your damn tax returns already.  We want to know just where your loyalties lie.  It clearly isn’t with us.

Speaking of money, just what’s with your proposed budget?  The 30% cut to the Environmental Protection Agency isn’t a surprise (although heartbreaking all the same), but what’s up with reducing the State Department?  You want to increase military spending while decreasing our budget for diplomacy.  Your budget reads like the dictator’s handbook.  Grant tax credits to the extreme wealth at the expense of the poor’s health care? Check.  Beef up the country’s military?  Check.  Fire diplomats and put your country’s pride above all else?  Double check.  Don’t forget that he’s also giving corporations a leg up at the expense of clean air and water.  Coal might not be a sustainable industry and cause lasting damage to the environment, but those big businesses are going to milk every last dime out of this enterprise.

The money makes me sick, President Cheeto.  Your greed, as well as the greed of all those people you surround yourself with, has corrupted your judgement.  Health care isn’t about money, asshole.  It’s about saving and extending life.  Protecting the environment isn’t about somebody’s checkbook.  We protect our environment so that our children and grandchildren can inherit a planet with less debilitating baggage.  We maintain diplomacy with other countries to protect our soldiers from unnecessary war.  We spend money on science to make our lives better in the long term.

Government is not a business.  It should not be run like one.  Government is here to afford its citizens certain inalienable rights.  If you don’t know that, then you should step down from office.  Presidents should know that citizens always come first.

Photo from the New York Daily News

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