By The Oracle

This is a recipe to get us through the Trump years since we are all pretty much screwed.  Usually, it’s a glass of orange juice with a shot of vodka, but this is the Mommy version.  I have too many kids to go around drunk all the time.


Orange Juice

Instructions:  Pour orange juice into a 24 ounce glass.  Then think longingly of vodka while you drink it.

Then go get 12 hours of sleep.  You’ll need it.


Side Note from Persephone: This is our 101st post!  I can’t believe we’ve stuck so well with this website since starting it November 9th, the day after President Cheeto won the electoral vote to become a constant nightmarish presence in our day-to-day lives.  God, this is going to be a long four years.

One thought on “Screwdriver

  1. Congrats on the 101th post! You’ll probably rack up that many more in the next 4 months, too. It’s going to be such a LONG four years. It really is. Might need to add the vodka after all. Well, some of us, any way.


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