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By Persephone

In commemoration of President Cheeto’s second month anniversary as Commander-in-Chief, Congress held a hearing with FBI director Stephen Comey today.  We all knew that this inquiry was scheduled for today, but I’d heard it was supposed to cover Trump’s accusations against Obama of illegal wiretapping.  While this question was asked, and Comey did mention that there was no evidence to support this claim (duh), something else came up.  And it was delicious.

There’s been considerable speculation over Russia’s involvement with the latest election.  While intelligence agencies have confirmed on numerous occasions that Russia did indeed use various internet trolls, hackers, and good old-fashioned bribes to sway the election in Trump’s favor, they’d been rather tight-lipped about other speculatory efforts.  You’d think that a foreign government interfering with the electoral process was enough to worry about, but oh, no.  Not with this administration.  When they get involved in scandal, they don’t do halvsies.  They go all in.

Stephen Comey admitted, claiming to have the permission of the Justice Department to do so, that there was an active investigation into existing links between the Russian government and certain members of Trump’s election campaign.  When asked to clarify, he didn’t back down from this statement.  Trump definitely has ties to Russia.  The only question remaining is how damning are these ties, and when does he get impeached already?

I wish I could spend the next several hours discussing this fascinating hearing further, but I need to get  back to my homework.  I have a huge presentation due tomorrow, and it’s only partially done.  However, I did giggle when I realized that Trump’s tweets during the interrogation were brought up with Comey while he was being questioned.  Trump actually got factchecked by the FBI director about his answers to Congress’s questions while still being questioned by Congress.

Like I said…delicious.

Photo from cnn.com

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