Trumpkins: Would You Please Learn to Read?

By Persephone

The most recent poll from Politico claims that President Cheeto’s approval ratings have slumped to a measly 37%.  This is hardly surprising, what with his constant vilifying for attention despite never having anything intelligent or honest to say. I find myself frequently astounded that his approval rating is even in the double-digits, to be honest.  I’ve always had a low opinion of him, and, let’s be truthful here, presidency hasn’t exactly shown the twit at his best.

So, what makes this poll so interesting to me?  The approval ratings pertaining to the Republicans: that’s what’s so interesting.  As recently as March 7th, only 5% of Republicans polled declared disapproval of the job Trump’s doing.  Such a response could be due to a variety of coping mechanisms on the part of the Republicans in this country–ignorance, buyer’s remorse, and/or good old-fashioned stupidity.

Now, good old-fashioned stupidity isn’t really fixable.  If you’re stupid, you’re going to believe what you want to believe, and no amount of evidence will convince you that you’re wrong.  Trump is a prime example of this type of individual.  Formal education makes little difference to this particular mindset.  You can have three PhDs and still be a moron.  You can also be a high school dropout who happens to possess heaps of common sense.

As for the buyer’s remorse, that’s almost understandable.  I recognize that there’s a great many people who voted for Trump despite their natural dislike of him.  Their reasons might even make some viable sense: they distrusted Hillary, they always voted Republican no matter what, or they fancied Trump’s hair.  The reasons why they voted for him really don’t matter a whole lot anymore.  They voted for him, so therefore they don’t want to regret this decision only two months into his presidency.

My real issue with the Republican party here is the ignorance.  I live in rural America, the land of the Trumpkins.  People all around me like to say that “Trump will fix things.  He’s a businessman!” like that’s all they need to know.  I mention that I’m not a fan, and they ask what’s he done that I don’t like.  I’m pretty sure that’s the point when my jaw hits the floor.  I’ve had multiple conversations with the people of my town where I had to explain simple concepts like Brexit, the two Muslim bans via executive order (just the existence of them, not even how the judicial courts had blocked them, Flynn’s resignation, the budget proposal, and pretty much every crazy-ass thing that Trump’s brought into our lives.

What.  The.  Hell.  They voted for him, but then they don’t follow up on him?  His being president is enough, so they don’t have to watch and find out if they made the right decision?  This is disturbing to a terrifying degree.

So, I’d like to ask a favor of all the Trumpkins out there.  Please read a newspaper!  Stay informed.  If you’re going to blindly support a moronic narcissist with no political experience, the least you could do is understand just what you’ve done to the rest of us.  Because the rest of us are horrified.

Back to the Politico’s findings with their latest polls, here’s what gives me hope.  For the first time since becoming president, Trump’s disapproval rating with Republicans has started to slide.  It has grown from 5% disapproval on March 7th to 14%.  That’s a pretty significant jump in such a short amount of time.  It looks like his own party is starting to lose confidence in President Cheeto.

And it’s about time.

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