I Really Tried to be Zen About This One…

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By Persephone

Here’s the thing.  When President Cheeto nominated Neil Gorsuch, I tried really, really hard to be okay with it.  Since Trump has introduced a veritable cache of incompetents into the White House over the past two months, Gorsuch really did seem the more benign option.  He was super-conservative, sure, but he seemed steady and at least educated.  Compared to Steve Bannon, Scott Pruitt, Betsy Devos, Mike Pence, Sebastian L. v. Gorka, Mick Mulvaney, Kellyanne Conway, Rex Tillerson, and oh, my God, I need to stop listing all the shitty people Trump’s surrounded himself with.  It is a seriously depressing list.  Suffice it to say, Gorsuch seemed workable compared to the rest of the asylum.

This isn’t to say that I’m okay with Republicans over what happened to Merrick GarlandNot in any way.  Garland got screwed royally–out of a lifetime appointment, no less.  He was a qualified, intelligent, and moderate candidate who got shelved for a year because the Republicans were in a snit.  I’m not impressed by this dickish move, not now and not then.  There’s not a doubt in my mind that they stole this seat from Garland.  By doing so, the GOP literally put their own party before doing to their fucking jobs.

As for the Democrats in the Senate, I’ve been hearing many mixed responses made by normal voters about Gorsuch’s nomination.  As his appointment requires 8 Democratic Senators to vote in favor of him to reach the required 60 votes, the ball is truly in the Democrat’s court right now.  Many people are shouting for the Democrats to filibuster their hearts out, while others call for Democrats to accept the only slightly-offensive candidate.  It’s better to fill the seat with such a judge, since there’s no telling what Trump will come up with next.

As for me, I’d decided not to get mad at any of the Democratic Senators whichever way they voted.  I could understand them being pissed about Garland, but I could also see why they’d want to fill a seat that had already been empty for over a year.  The Supreme Court needs 9 judges.  Without a 9th judge, they’re sort of scrambling.

And yet, my uncharacteristic zen-like attitude disappeared pretty damn quick this week.  It disappeared after watching the Republican Senators “interview” Gorsuch.  The experience was painful.  They were so excited to win their dickish move to block Obama’s appointee that they practically giggled the whole time.  They even asked pointless questions about Gorsuch’s favorite waterhole and other token crap.  If they’d at least attempted to remain the tiniest bit serious for this process, I’d suck it up and ignore my issues with this mess.  However, this was apparently too much to ask of our current Party of Trump.  They had to be smug that they’d stolen a lifetime appointment from the deserving recipient.

So now, all bets are off.  Democratic Senators, I’d like to offer this plea into the mix of all those other conflicting cries of your constutents.  The Republicans will probably win this fight, but you need to make them work at it.  Fight them on this.  Don’t make it easy.

Filibuster your hearts out.  Keep pissing off those Republicans.  They’ve more than earned it.

Picture from cnn.com

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