By Persephone

I would be the last person to say that I haven’t screwed up.  It would be a lie.  I’ve screwed up many a time in my life.  I’ve lashed out in anger where I shouldn’t have.  I’ve hurt people (emotionally) who didn’t deserve it.  I’ve hidden a great deal of my personality from the world.  I’ve even ignored people who needed my help.  I’m not proud of any of these things, and I have to admit that to get past the guilt.  I’ll let you know when I actually succeed at overcoming the guilt.

If you mess up, you have to admit it.  Pretending it didn’t happen or blaming someone else for it solves nothing.  For one thing, no one buys it.  At least, they don’t buy it for long.  Whether you like it or not, you have to admit when you did the wrong thing.  If it’s a criminal offense, this might mean jail time, but that’s life.  If you do something wrong, you have to face the consequences.

Oddly enough, I’m not talking about President Cheeto here.  True, he hasn’t confessed to any faults of his own.  He fires the head of his National Security Council, yet it’s the press’s fault.  The courts find his travel ban illegal and stop it, and he blames the entire judicial system, threatening the judges’ jobs.  His new health care plan dies hard, then suddenly it’s the democrats’ fault for not voting for it.  Because the democrats are the ones who’ve bitched about the Affordable Care Act constantly since day one.

No, President Cheeto will have to face consequences regardless of his lack of confessions of guilt.  He’s not a man given to self-reflection.  Clearly.  However, I think of consequences today because of a friend of mine.  She’s a good friend and a good person.  She’s also ridiculously loyal.  It doesn’t matter how much others have trash-talked me…she sticks up for my sister and myself.  Friends like that don’t come up very often, and I really do appreciate having her in my life.  Unfortunately, she has her own issues, and these same issues encompass a self-destructive spiral.  Last Friday, she hit rock bottom, and my sister and I’ve continued supporting her within reason.  She knows she messed up (partially because we told her), and she has to face whatever punishment is in the works.  I hate saying that, but she screwed up royally this time.  It’s a tricky situation.  On the one hand, I hate seeing her in pain, but I also know that too much assistance will enable her previous self-destructive behavior.

So, I’m going to do something I never do on this blog.  I’m going to ask those of you reading to wish my friend well.  This can be in the form of prayer or just a silent moment.  She’s looking at some dark consequences to her actions, and it sucks.


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