Upcoming Activism Opportunities

By Persephone

I figured I’d just send out a general reminder of three protests coming up rather quickly.

First of all, there’s the Tax Day protests on Saturday, April 15th.  You can find out which city closest to you is following this one at resistandprotest.com.  This protest/march is to demand that President Cheeto finally produces his tax returns.  It’s a direct result of Kellyanne Conway’s statement that no one actually cared about Trump’s tax returns since he got elected anyway.  It’s up to us to show up in droves and prove such conceited arrogance wrong.  I’ll be at Richland’s protest in southeastern Washington state.  I’ve already made my signs.

For the lazier among us, there’s also a Paul Ryan postcard protest.  On Monday, April 17th, you’re supposed to mail off postcards to Paul Ryan, all starting with the words “Remember when…?”  I wrote several interesting ones (one of my favorites was “Remember when Ayn Rand was a relevant resource on the multifaceted aspects of capitalism?  Neither do I”), as did multiple friends of mine.  We had dinner last week and worked for a while on this project.  We now have around 120 postcards to send off.  So, if you’re interested in asking our Speaker of the House if he remembers when he last care about his constituents needs, have at.  The details are on idesoftrump.com.  They started off by mailing President Cheeto back on March 15th, and now this website is all about fueling various postcard campaigns.  I can’t wait for the next one.

Then, there’s the one that’s closest to my heart.  The March for Science is all set for Saturday, April 22nd.  If Trump’s policies regarding fossil fuel emissions infuriate you, please protest.  If the Dakota pipeline scares you, please protest.  If you’re looking at your kids and worrying about how climate change will affect them, protest.  Protest, protest, protest!  Our environmental problems aren’t going to go away just because we have a jackass in the White House who refuses to acknowledge them.  It means we shoulder all the responsibility to protect what we can.  I’ll be protesting in Spokane for this one.

This might seem like some crazy undertakings on top of my observations over the next two weeks, and you’re right about that one.  However, I have to do something.  I just have to.  And so do you.



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