By Persephone

After 15 days in jail for organizing protests against corruption all across Russia, Alexei Navalny is out!  Yay!  Why do I care?  Why, because I follow his youtube channel, of course.  This is a guy who’s running against Putin, the biggest blowhard of them all.  Considering our current President, that’s no easy feat.

Ever since producing a documentary covering the corruption of Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s Prime Minister and Putin’s puppet, Navalny’s been a bit of a hero of mine.   His videos as well as his blogs are informative, containing more than just a touch of dry humor.  Every time I watch one of his videos, I’m struck by how much  he loves his country.  However, considering just how many others opposing Putin have died horribly, I have sometimes wondered if Navalny is somehow another plant of Putin.  I’ve read others’ speculations wondering the same.  I’m still not sure how to feel about this one.  On the one hand, it is weird for Putin to allow such a political rival to breathe, but I also can’t see what’s in it for Putin to produce a threat to his long regime.  It’s a puzzle.  The less trusting side of my nature isn’t sure how to handle him.

But that’s my disclaimer.  I realize that Navalny might not be who he says he is.  Yet, I watch his videos like the avid fangirl that I am.  When he speaks, I see a brave man who puts himself in harm’s way to discover just what’s going on with the Russian politicians who are so used to being in power that they’ve grown careless.  He’s funny, he’s caring, and he doesn’t bow down even when jail and embezzlement charges loom over his head.  To me, he’s everything a hero should be.

And now he’s out of jail.  And already organizing another rally.  Squee.

Picture from Radio Free Europe

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