The Tax Day Protest: It Sort of Totally Rocked

By Persephone


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Yesterday, my sister and her children attended their very first protest!!  It was also the first one I’ve joined for a good decade (my college years were pretty political).  We’d planned to attend the Tax Day protest in Richland, Washington, but we instead chose Spokane because we knew it a little bit better.  It was just an exhilarating experience.  I really cannot recommend protesting enough.

So, as you probably know, this protest was to demand that Trump finally provide his taxes.  He’s so far refused, despite being the first president since Richard Nixon not to do so.  His former first lady Kellyanne Conway has mentioned that this must not matter to the American people, as he was elected president anyway.  Well, my family wanted to join our voices to the perhaps 200 other souls who showed up yesterday that yes.  We do, in fact, care about President Cheeto’s taxes.  How else are we going to find out where he’s making his money?  It sure isn’t from innovation or basic economic skills.  He doesn’t even understand the nuances of trade or negotiation.

The protest was just fun.  I showed up with my sister and three of her kids to the Community Building in downtown Spokane.  From there, we marched for a good mile all through the streets of the city.  All throughout our march, we chanted, we showed off our signs to all the passing traffic, and we did it all in perfect peace.  In all this time, I heard maybe three people shout pro-Trump rhetoric at us from their cars.  Everyone else smiled, waved, and honked their support.

Remember, though, that this is all in Spokane County, where the votes went overwhelmingly for Donald Trump back in November.  Yet, we felt a lot of love from the community today.  There was so little opposition to our marching our political beliefs on the streets of Spokane.  It really feels like the tide is turning.

More than anything else, I’m focused on one thing.  I cannot wait for the March for Science next Saturday.  I’ll be attending that one in Spokane, too.

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