How Non-Christians View Easter

By Persephone

I’ve made no secret of my own religious beliefs.  My friends and family know it, but I try not to be super preachy about it.  I’m just very quietly Druid, and yet somehow people are still offended by it.  They assume that means I’m spiritual without being religious.  That I just haven’t found Jesus yet.  That this means I have no moral values.

Sigh.  Where do I even start?

Can I just say, I’m really tired of Christians assuming everything to do with non-Christians?  For one thing, we’re not all the same.  Vox recently did an article saying that the number of atheists in this country could be as high as 26%.  While that number does seem a little high, I can deal with it.  However, their methods make no sense to me.  The entire vetting process to reach those numbers is through the simple question, “Do you believe in God?”

Now, I can believe quite readily that 26% of Americans don’t believe in God.  That’s believable.  It just means that they’re not monotheists.  As in, they don’t fall into the category of Christians, Muslims, or Jews.  That’s right.  Since I’m not a monotheist myself–I do not believe in God–I lump you all together.  No one’s ever managed to explain to my satisfaction the animosity between those three major world religions.  If three groups of people believe in God, that should be enough for them to get along.  Apparently, it’s all the extras attached to their faiths that caused all the millions of deaths over the last several millennia.  Bizarre.

However, not believing in God doesn’t make a person Atheist.  You’d think that the PhD psychologists conducting this study would have noticed the distinction.  I don’t believe in God, but Atheists take it a step further and don’t believe in any form of the afterlife.

That’s not me.  I believe our higher power is our planet.  She guides and protects us.  When I pray, I pray to my ancestors who have passed before me.  I practically have my father’s spirit on speed dial.  If you find that weird, bite me.  Christians follow a book that states people with poor eyesight should be stoned to death.  My beliefs are nowhere near that whack.

But that’s the point, isn’t it?  My faith is my faith.  No one else’s.  I might not agree with a lot of Christian teachings, but I’m not going to tell them that they’re wrong either.  As long as you allow me to believe in my own faith, I’ll leave yours alone.  The same goes for all other religions.  Because, as I said, not all non-Christians are Atheist.  This list includes Shintoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, various tribal religions, and so many other freaking religions that have been around a lot longer than these upstart monotheistic faiths.  Hell, some people even make up their own religion.  Such is the joy of living in a country whose very first amendment granted us freedom of religion.

So, yeah.  I got to celebrate Easter today.  It’s one of my favorite Pagan holidays.  Since we celebrate it with such emphasis on the bunnies and the eggs, the original Pagan theme of fertility is still riding strong.  I don’t know how anyone fits in all that resurrection talk when all kids want to do is dress up, hunt for eggs, and hug the Easter bunny.  Tee hee.

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