After an Endless Cycle of Tweets, Investigations, Rumors, Resignations, Failed Health Care Bills, Bombings, Filibusters–What Do You Mean It’s Only Been 3 Months??

By Persephone

We’ve hit another milestone, and I was totally bowled over by it.  Yesterday was the anniversary of the day President Cheeto took his oath of inauguration in front of a huge crowd of almost ten people.  That’s right!  That was only three months ago!  When I realized that yesterday, it took everything I had not to just buy a bottle of scotch and drink myself into oblivion.

Oh, what a ride it’s been!  First, we had to spend weeks hearing about how easy a win Trump had over Hillary (who won the popular vote), then how much bigger the crowd at his inauguration was than Obama’s (despite the photographic evidence).  Flynn, his security adviser, resigned after he was caught lying about meeting with Russians.  He later admitted to working as an operative for Turkey.

Mike Pence, it turns out, had acted fast and loose with his emails in a manner similar to Hillary’s despite his criticism of her doing just that.  He also thinks women lust after him so much that he can’t eat alone with them.  God, Republicans give me a headache sometimes.

After all that waiting, Merrick Garland wasn’t put on the Supreme Court.  Instead, we’re stuck with the plagiarist and perfect picture of a bland white guy Neil Gorsuch.  On top of all that, there’s now rumors that one of the Supreme Court justices is planning retirement this summer.  No, gods, no!

President Cheeto has yet to relax his dedication to his twitter feed.  His tweets have flooded the internet, accusing Obama of illegally wiretapping him with not a shred of evidence to back up his claim, starting up a twitter battle with Arnold Schwarzenegger, throwing a hissy fit because Nordstrom’s dropped Ivanka’s line, getting pissed at the press, claiming all the protesters against him were paid to do it, and threatening to send the Feds into Chicago.  There’s so many more tweets of varying degrees of ridiculousness, but I don’t want to spend all night on this one.  I can at least disprove one claim, though.  As a protester myself, I can admit with absolute certainty that I was not paid to do so.  And I’d do it again.  (And I will).

The health care bill…after hearing the Republicans bitch for years about the ACA, it turns out that they didn’t know what to replace it will.  The bill sank and sank hard.

The Russian investigation is still ongoing.  It’s now extended to include many members of the Republican party.  It turns out that the Russians might have quite a bit of blackmail material on them.  Remember when the DNC got hacked last summer and a bunch of Hillary’s emails were released on WikiLeaks?  Well, it turns out that the RNC was hacked, too.  They just didn’t release any information from that hack to the general public.  But the Republicans started backing up Trump almost overnight during the election.  I’m not saying the Republicans are actually getting blackmailed, but I’m certainly thinking it loudly.  The fact that the head of the Congressional Oversight Committee Jason Chaffetz has been pussyfooting around on investigating Trump this whole time…well, I’m definitely suspicious.  Chaffetz also just announced that he’s resigning early.  Weird.  True or not, these claims of money laundering and collusion with the Russians is going to taint Trump’s presidency for the rest of history.  This is a shame only because there’s so many other factors to taint Trump’s presidency, and these factors are frequently neglected by the press as well as the public at large.  There really is a lot to take in with this presidency.

The Democrats are trying, but without a majority in either house in Congress, about all they can do to slow down bills from getting passed or incompetent people from getting appointed is to filibuster their hearts out.  And they’re doing their best on that score.

What else is there to say?  Unfortunately, way too much.  This is just one car on the crazy train that the minority of voters elected for us.

We’ve survived the first three months.  Assuming that this presidency doesn’t go down in flames, whether through impeachment or resignation, we only have 45 more months to get through.

Maybe scotch really is the answer, after all.

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