What a Turnout! It’s Almost Like People Think Science Matters…

By Persephone

Well, my family and I joined the March for Science in Spokane yesterday!  It was a lovely turnout–my guess is that somewhere between 500 and 800 people were there.  It definitely ranks as the largest protest I’ve ever been part of, and it was still one of the smaller ones of the day.  Hundreds of cities worldwide took part in this one.  It was a biggie.

It actually was a great afternoon.  The sun came out periodically to warm us up, but it never got super hot.  We got to hear from many speakers for a little over an hour (although I had a hard time hearing what they were actually saying).  However, the other people in the crowd were fun to talk to.  You could tell we were all thrilled to be around others who cared that the current Presidential administration’s take on the environment is to deny the existence of climate change and to defund the Environmental Protection Agency.  These are not small things to be concerned with.  We fully realized that, so we showed up where we were needed.

Then, we marched!  Cops smiled and waved at us, and local passersby did the same.  There was a lot of positivity about the march, and we left feeling like simply adding our numbers to the mix helped in some small way.  Plus, we got to read some hilarious signs.  Some of my favorites read, “Who knew climate change was so complicated?  98% of scientists.”  Also, “Science saves lives.  Ask a doctor,” then an arrow pointed down towards the man holding the sign.  There was a lot of imagination in the crowd today.

So, yeah.  That was a lot of fun, and I feel like I at least helped raise our voice against the climate change denial that’s been running rampant lately.  My dad was a soil scientist for EPA for twenty years.  I hope I made him just a little bit proud today.  I wish he could have been there with my sister and myself.

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