By Persephone

So, I haven’t posted for 18 days.  That seemed like forever to me, but I literally just turned in my very last assignment for the term about five minutes ago.  I won’t bore you with the details, but this was all homework for an education class.  If you’ve ever taken an education class, I’m sure you just winced.

Yeah.  It’s like that.  Education itself might be fun.  You get to learn all sorts of cool stuff when you’re taking interesting classes like English or Geography.  Even Psychology can hold a certain appeal.  It’s at least fun to make fun of Freud.  He kept on preaching that babies had a sexual oral fixation and that all women possessed penis envy.  Seriously.  It’s really easy to make fun of Freud.

But taking classes on education is about as boring as you can get.  There’s only so many times you can hear the words, “prior learning” and “differentiated instruction” before you start to wildly reconsider your life choices.

Speaking of life choices…just what the fuck has been going on the last couple weeks?  Sweet zombie jesus, it’s been insane.  First, Trump fires the FBI director without any warning.  His PR people (some of the most overworked employees that this country ever made, I’m sure) scrambled to cover up for him, saying that President Trump had of course never fired Comey because of the Russian investigation even though he totally did.  We know this because President Cheeto immediately admitted it in an interview.  Never mind that such a confession means that our Commander in Chief committed obstruction of justice and could be impeached just for that and face criminal charges.  Such an allegation would only actually take effect if our government wasn’t so corrupt that you don’t even need to squint anymore to see the nepotism and bribery.  Because they simply like pissing off their constituents at this point, evidently.

Then, of course, our president didn’t stop there, now did he?  He met with a Russian ambassador, which the American media couldn’t watch.  Yet, the Russian media was allowed.  Because that isn’t suspicious at all.

We also learned that Trump revealed sensitive classified information to the Russians during this meeting, and that later Trump admitted that it was information pertaining to Israel.  Because this world doesn’t make sense anymore.

Then Trump went on that lovely overseas trip that pretty much sealed the deal on our reputation as a foreign power throughout the world.  Americans are a joke, and only President Cheeto seems oblivious to this fact.  It wasn’t just that easily mockable picture of Trump fingering a globe with some Saudi Arabians.  It isn’t simply the dumbass grin on Trump’s face as the pope stared despondently at the camera, having spent more than 10 seconds with our president.  God knows that would bum anyone out.  Jokes also abound around how Trump can’t shake hands with the French president or talk to NATO without insulting the shit out of them.

No, he’s a joke because he really doesn’t know how to talk to foreign leaders without acting like a pompous douche-bag.  If he had the brains to match that ego, we’d still find him a douche-bag.  Just a competent one.

As it is, he stunned every foreign national he encountered with his general stupidity, his ignorance of anything not in his narrow scope of knowledge, and his overall dickishness.  I’m just sorry that these other governments were subjected to all this.

I sure didn’t miss him, though.  It was kind of nice having him gone.  We could breathe easier somehow.

But now he’s back, and something tells me that the crazy train has yet to finally reach its ultimate destination.

Luckily, I’m back, too.  And I’m prepared to mock this asshole for as long as I need to.  It’s my moral imperative.


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