There Once was a Boy Named Donald

By Persephone


There once was a boy named Donald

Whose tantrums and yells split the earth.

With no consequences, he’d acted that way since birth.


Little Donald believed he was right

About everything, from the economy to peoples’ needs

And wouldn’t listen when anyone disagreed.


For years, friends and family supported Donald

And to him never gave a genuine critique.

So, Donald believed in his heart that his brain was unique.


Ever delusional, Donald spent his life

Selling crappy products slapped with his name

And wondering why people called his brands lame.


Through the years, Donald’s hubris caused bankruptcies

Of such magnitude that he almost lost all,

But then a television network hired him one Fall.


For it was on the show The Apprentice

That Donald was seen as capable and full of tact.

People listened to him, not realizing what they saw was an act.


Continuous praise and high ratings built up Donald’s confidence.

He saw himself as perfect; no need to learn ever again,

Not when he could fool everyone as a conman.


But then he ruined it all–

For all the undeserving praise had made him so confident

That Donald decided one day to run for President.


And ruin it all, he did, although he surely didn’t know it,

Prancing and shouting hate all through a nasty campaign.

Somehow, he won over voters, most clearly not sane.


When he won, the world freaked out,

As the United States and the globe had been assured of his loss.

Protestors gathered in droves in reaction, for they were more than cross.


Many Americans were heartbroken,

Thinking their country had betrayed them with a such a man in charge,

But as the people learned, the reasons why were quite large.


For not only was there a great deal of hate in the United States,

But a foreign government had wanted Donald to win.

Russia had worked on changing American minds from within.


Fake news stories and Russian thinkbots had invaded,

And the voters of swing states were particularly affected.

They thought Donald’s opponent was crooked, so he got elected.


As Donald started his presidency,

His reign is awash in diplomatic incidents and way too many tweets.

He spouts crazy stuff, signs orders, and plays golf at his own retreat.


It is clear early on that Donald is in over his head.

He’s never had to think about others or even think at all.

His knowledge of politics is desperately small.


As the days go by, the rumors begin

That Russia and Donald were in cahoots all along,

That Donald’s loyalty to his country isn’t strong.


To dispel the accusations, Donald responds

By firing the FBI director, calling news fake, and writing more tweets.

When this doesn’t work, he acts even crazier (no easy feat).


As the days turn to months in this tumultuous presidency,

It’s easy to grow disheartened if you’re paying attention.

For when it comes to morality, Donald bears no comprehension.


This is clear when he goes overseas,

As world leaders grimace when Donald says intel offhand

Or the pope poses with dead eyes–not even Donald’s wife will hold his hand.


But for those you are suffering, for those who are scared,

You need to take heart when Donald’s treasonous acts continue more.

For someday, Donald will end up behind a prison door.


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