Oh, the Things We Volunteer For…

By Persephone

So, my sister and I took a class on how to make and use royal icing a few weeks ago.  Yeah.  It turns out that this technique is quite a thing.  I mean, I taught myself using youtube videos how to frost cakes all fancy using buttercream, but that’s something I can only do in winter.  It turns out that buttercream melts even as you’re piping the fancy designs on the cake.  This is a problem.

But royal icing isn’t anywhere near that fussy.  It turns out that it’s also rather fun.  The only problem is that suddenly my sister and I were baking buttloads for the school.  I kid you not.  Two nights ago, my sister and I worked until one in the morning frosting 150 cookies.  The night before, I’d made a number of them to take to my monthly EMT training (like you do).

I’m still not sure why I did any of it, other than everybody likes cookies.  My poor sister, though.  I’m the one who keeps coming up with these ideas or agreeing to other people’s ideas.  My sister simply goes with it.

Anyway, check out the cookies.  Aren’t they so pretty?  There ones in red (well…pink…we didn’t have enough red food coloring) and gold are the school’s colors.




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