The Douche-bag’s Guide to Justifying the Murder of Us All


By Persephone

So….we have a president who pushed, shoved, and blundered his way through meeting with countless world leaders on his international tour.  When he came home, he promptly decided to remove this country from a non-legally binding agreement whose sole purpose was to ensure the health and safety of future generations.

It didn’t matter that the U.S. was instrumental in the writing of the Paris Climate Agreement.  It didn’t matter that our involvement would increase the involvement of other countries.  It doesn’t matter that climate change is accelerating, and action was needed yesterday.

Nope.  None of this mattered.  President Cheeto instead yanked us out of the agreement despite much criticism from Democrats, including Federal, State, and local political representatives.  Even a few Republicans have offered misgivings.  And now the rest of the world looks at us like we’re total trash.  Since we voted for this asshole, we really are total trash.

I’m just so angry over this.  I’ve been processing this latest news for several days, and I just cannot relinquish this anger.  There was just no reason for any of this.  Trump could have easily remained in the agreement as a show, then simply not contributed.  There were no legal obligations, nor were there financial penalties for not participating.  His pulling out of the agreement the way he did…it was just a giant fuck you to the rest of the world.  This “America First” attitude is going to screw us more than we realize.

President Cheeto cited several reasons for his actions, each reason less reasoned than the last.  He claimed it was economically a bad deal without backing it up with any facts (such a rare strategy of his).  It doesn’t matter that the country’s leading economists disagree, as only a moron would see sticking with old fuels like coal as economically sound.  Renewable clean energy is the way of the future, and the world’s economies are starting to reflect that.  It’s only the people leading these industries who are going to succeed financially.  Just saying.

President Cheeto also mentioned that the other countries must be laughing at us.  Well, thank goodness we dodged that bullet.

He also claimed that the agreement wouldn’t actually help much towards halting the effects on climate change.  True, it doesn’t cover anywhere near enough to halt the acceleration in global warming.  However, it would slow it down considerably.  I’d like to point out, though, that our commander-in-chief hasn’t actually told us what would do more to halt warming temperatures.  His administration even stated that President Trump is more environmentally considerate than any other president.

Sigh.  Whatever.  We’re listening, Mr. President, but we’re not exactly expecting miracles here.

So, we’ve dropped out of an agreement that benefited everyone involved.  By dropping out, we’ve severely reduced our credibility with the rest of the world, and other foreign nationals are looking at us like we’re crazier than a bag of cats.  Our businesses, global influence, and environment suffer greatly as a result.

There are no winners here.  When Trump’s involved, are there ever any winners?  He’s the only negotiator I’ve ever witnessed that would actually trade in a reasonable, mutually beneficial agreement for universal ill-will.

And I’m thinking the tropics are a good place to hang out while waiting for the world to end.  Who’s with me?

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