Why Always With the Circus?

By Persephone

I really don’t have a lot of time to write right now (it’s the last week of school, and my schedule’s been crazy…which is so unusual, right?)  However, I just looked over some of the news this week, and I kind of had to take a step back.

Seriously–it’s only Wednesday, and the President of the United States has already found time to send out a tweet to derail his lawyers’ fight to uphold the Muslim ban.  So, that ruling has been upheld, and the Muslim ban is still banned.

My favorite Russian Presidential hopeful Alexei Navalny has been arrested again.  He was protesting this weekend and was immediately arrested.  Vladimir Putin sure is convincing the world that he’s not threatened by Navalny’s increasing popularity.  Keep it up, Navalny!  I really am such a fan…

Then, the real cherry on top was Tuesday’s interrogation of Jeff Sessions.  I’ve never heard such an incompetent Southern drawl in my life.  And I’m from Oklahoma.  I feel rather offended here, actually.  All we learned from that testimony is that Sessions really doesn’t know how to articulate his words, and that he won’t admit to anything.  So, nothing new.

Even so, that’s a lot of news for two days into the week.  What a roller coaster.

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